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October 2013

Justin Levitt's MUST READ PIECE on Voter ID Litigation

Loyola Law professor Justin Levitt's latest blog post about the current state of voter ID litigation is an absolute must-read for anyone interested in the future of the issue inside the courtroom or the polling place.

Inbox (Almost) Zero: Ohio Clears Voter Rolls of Duplicates

Ohio has eliminated all but four duplicate voter records thanks to a combination of voter updates and matches with other databases - plus the very important understanding that voter rolls change as often as voters' lives do.

No Small Stuff (cont.): Error Leads Ohio County to Tell Some Voters "Don't Vote"

Athens County, Ohio election officials are asking some voters not to vote on a local issue after discovering that their ballots shouldn't have included that question.

What's In a Name? In Texas, Maybe a Problem as Voter ID Takes Effect

Texas' new voter ID law is once again stirring controversy as election officials and voters discover that peoples' names are not necessarily consistent from document to document.

National Council on Disability Issues Report on 2012 Election

A new report by the National Council on Disability makes a wide-ranging list of recommendations for improving access for voters with disabilities - including strong calls for increased funding and restoring a strong federal presence in elections.

The Suspense is Killing Me: Document Release Helps Reduce Kansas Proof-of-Citizenship Backlog

The Kansas state agency with access to proof-of-citizenship documents for would-be voters is finally making them available to election officials - another reminder of the need to consider implementation when making election policy changes.

New Pew Dispatch Says Two-Track System Could Cost Maricopa County More Than $250,000 in 2014

Pew's latest Election Data Dispatch highlights the potential costs to jurisdictions in the wake of proposals to establish two-track registration systems. It's a different take on an important issue that figures to gets lots of attention in the months to come.

Followup: Campaign Aide Gets Jail Time in Miami Fraud Case

About eight months after a phantom-ballot scheme was uncovered in Miami-Dade, a campaign staffer is sentenced for his role ... but the potential threat of future attacks means that election officials must continue to raise their game.

Where's the Line? Dispute Over Virginia List Reflects Differing Views on Accuracy

A new effort in Virginia to identify and remove ineligible voters is illuminating the different risk tolerances between those who worry about the potential for fraud and those who are concerned about the potential for disenfranchisement.

It's Not Just Legislators: New Poll Shows Voters Divided on Election Policy, Too

A new poll by USA TODAY and the Bipartisan Policy Center reveals that the current partisan divide in many state legislatures on election policy is present among voters as well.

Nebraska Secretary of State's ID Proposal Draws Fire from Both Partisan Flanks

Nebraska's Secretary of State is proposing to require ID from voters who file address changes with the post office but don't notify election officials. That proposal is drawing criticism from legislators content with continuing the "all or nothing" ID debate.

Minnesota Legislators Seek Input on New Online Registration System

Legislators in both parties in Minnesota have questions about the Secretary of State's recent online voter registration launch, which was accomplished without legislation - but what they decide to do about it could revive the state's recent partisan election wars.

It's *STILL* ON, WISCONSIN: Lingering Partisan Hard Feelings Color Election Law Debates

The after-effects of Wisconsin's eventful 2012 election cycle remain, as a series of relatively minor election law changes recently sparked a renewal of the state's fierce partisan battles.

As List Matching Expands and Improves, States Move to Manage Voter Rolls

Two programs to compare state voter lists are gaining currency and will undoubtedly have an impact on the election community - not to mention individual voters - nationwide.

Sharing is Caring: NY Counties to Share Ballot Printing Costs

Two upstate New York counties have entered into an arrangement to share printing costs in an effort to save money and utilize excess capacity.

New Study Highlights Costs, Impacts of Off-Year California Elections

A new report examines the impacts of off-year municipal elections in California and suggests that cost and turnout concerns should prompt a closer look at consolidation.

Arizona AG Issues Legal Opinion Supporting Two-Track Registration

A new legal opinion by Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne makes the case for the legality of two-track registration systems apparently in the works in Arizona and Kansas - and could be seen as the basis for similar efforts elsewhere.

Fork In The Road: Kansas To Implement Two-Track Voter List?

The State of Kansas is moving toward establishing a two-track voter list as uncertainty (and litigation) about the impact of the state's proof-of-citizenship voting law continues.

Election Official as Bloodhound: Newby on Searching for Polling Sites

Brian Newby's latest ElectionDiary looks at the challenges associated with finding polling sites in a strangely unfriendly commercial market where optimism and Halloween(!) are constant competitors.

Followup: Detroit Clerk Cites Military Voters, Cost in Response to Absentee Ballot Claims

Yesterday, Detroit's clerk successfully defended sending out absentee ballots for November's election, citing the need to serve military voters (and the cost of reprinting unnecessary ballots) in addition to asserting her authority to run the city's elections.

Curiouser and Curiouser: Detroit Clerk Summoned to Court About Absentee Ballots

Detroit's rough election year continues as the city clerk is ordered to court after allegations that absentee ballots were distributed without approval by the city's election commission.

New Prairie View A&M Polling Place Gets Assist from True the Vote

Prairie View A&M University will get an on-campus polling place for the first time in years - thanks in part to a surprising intervention by voting integrity activists at True the Vote.

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