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December 2013

Blog to Take a "Long Winter's Nap" ... Will Return January 2, 2014

Have a wonderful holiday and a safe and Happy New Year!

New Overseas Vote Foundation Project to Examine Remote Online Voting

The Democracy Fund is supporting the Overseas Vote Foundation in an effort to enlist election officials and computer scientists to dig deeper into the topic of remote online voting and identify new approaches that incorporate security, auditability and usability.

Is 2014 "The Year of the Voter"? Brian Newby Thinks So

In the latest ElectionDiary, Brian Newby takes stock of the current obstacles to voting and decides to "lead with his chin" by declaring 2014 The Year of the Voter.

Switcheroo: Ohio SoS Says Online Registration is the Solution to Non-Citizen Voting

Ohio's Secretary of State says new data showing evidence of non-citizen voting means that the state needs online voter registration - a slightly different approach from other states where similar data had led to calls for voter ID.

U.S. Supreme Court Declines Minnesota "Please I.D. Me" Case, Lets Polling Place Restrictions Stand

The nation's high court declined to hear a case challenging Minnesota's electioneering restrictions on campaign apparel and buttons in the polling place. Issues remain, however - meaning that the case is resolved for now but likely not forever.

A Look Inside as Virginia's Recount Begins

Virginia's Attorney General recount is underway, and with it comes a rare opportunity to go behind the election returns to see election administration in action.

Back in Your Court: Judge Sends Voter Registration Case to EAC

A federal judge has given the U.S. Election Assistance Commission until January 17 to rule on requests by Arizona and Kansas to add proof of citizenship requirements to the federal registration form.

RTI Report Says Pew's ERIC Program Improves Voter Registration in Participating States

A new report prepared by the Research Triangle Institute finds that Pew's ERIC multi- state data exchange had measurable and positive effects on election administration in participating states.

Charles Stewart on How HAVA Helped Boston Voters

Overvote protections mandated by the Help America Vote Act might have saved the votes of nearly 3,600 Bostonians in the recent mayoral primary, MIT's Charles Stewart finds.

Could Disclosure Be the Way Forward for Voting Rights?

Two recent articles by leading election law experts suggest that a system based on data and disclosure could be a viable alternative for the Voting Rights Act after the Supreme Court decision in Shelby County v Holder.

New William & Mary Law Blog Post Examines Arkansas Voter ID Law

The latest State of Elections blog from William & Mary Law School - part of a growing interest in elections among young people - examines the upcoming voter ID law in Arkansas.

Re-Heat and Serve: Ohio Election Battles Ignite Again as Legislature Prepares to Adjourn for 2013

The partisan battle over election laws in Ohio is firing up again as legislative Republicans move a series of changes that Democrats fear will disenfranchise voters. Soon, the Governor and Secretary of State could be in the mix as well.

You're Not The Boss of Me: Pinellas County, FL Secretary of State Resolve Differences - For Now

Florida's Secretary of State and Pinellas County have resolved their differences over a new directive regarding absentee ballots. Don't be surprised, though, if the long-running feud state/county re-emerges as Florida enters an statewide election year.

Is Clarity in Election Law Overrated or Underrated? Yes.

One key takeaway from a recent panel at the NCSL Fall Forum is that clarity in election laws - too much and not enough - can be a challenge for election officials.

IT'S ... ALIVE?! EAC to Get New Commissioners Soon?

The Senate Rules Committee is set to hold a hearing to consider the nominations of two Democratic members of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission. It isn't entirely clear what the EAC will be able to do, but it's a start.

Newby's Latest ElectionDiary: More Polling Site Challenges

The latest ElectionDiary by Brian Newby uses Johnson County, KS as an in-depth look at the brain teaser that is polling site availability, especially in a multi-election year.

Pricey Tuesday? New Pew Dispatch Highlights Cost of Uncontested Elections

A new Pew Election Data Dispatch highlights how better cost collection can put a number on the damage to local coffers to policies requiring election officials to run an election when the entire ballot is uncontested.

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