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January 2014

False Negative: Lawmakers to Investigate Data File Errors in Iowa

Iowa's Secretary of State is facing criticism - and calls from lawmakers and election officials to investigate - after some voters were excluded because their names erroneously appeared on a state list of disenfranchised felons.

So Yesterday: "The (Rather Outdated) Case Against Early Voting"

A new piece in Politico Magazine lists the dangers associated with the expansion of early voting as recommended in the PCEA report. It's a piece that might have been written a decade ago - but elections (and voters) have already moved on.

Newby on What's Next in Election Administration post-PCEA (Hint: It Doesn't Likely Include the EAC)

Brian Newby's latest ElectionDiary looks at the PCEA report and finds that the outlook is likely bleak for the future of the EAC after it got little mention in the report - and is largely absent from the larger election reform conversation.

Is Online Registration Reaching a Tipping Point?

Online voter registration may be approaching a period of rapid adoption nationwide - especially if recent developments in Nebraska are a harbinger of things to come in other states.

Farewell, Friend: Roy Schotland

Georgetown Law professor emeritus Roy A. Schotland passed away yesterday. He was an incredibly accomplished scholar and teacher - and a friend and mentor to countless people, including me.

Aaron Strauss on PCEA Report: Thumbs Up on Measuring Lines, Thumbs Down on Election Officials Doing It

Aaron Strauss - whose work on resource calculators for election officials was recognized and endorsed by the PCEA - is concerned that election officials not also be responsible for measuring lines on Election Day.

An Election Geek's View of the New Presidential Commission Report (Subtitle: YAY)

The new report by the Presidential Commission on Election Administration is jam-packed with great ideas for the future of American elections - here are some highlights as the focus shifts from thinking about reform to making it happen.

Rumors of Our Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated: EAC Responds on Proof-of-Citizenship Issue

The Election Assistance Commission met a court-ordered deadline to respond in a dispute over proof of citizenship - and in so doing raised issues of constitutional and administrative law while likely renewing the debate about its own future.

Pennsylvania Judge Strikes Down State's Voter ID Law - Now What?

Last Friday, a Pennsylvania state judge invalidated the state's voter ID law. While the ruling halts ID in the Keystone State for now, it tells us little about what's next in the courts. Still, the public may not care.

The "Voting Rights Act Amendment" Introduced in Congress

A new bipartisan bill to revise and revive the Voting Rights Act has been introduced in Congress. Here's what it says - and what's next.

New Pew Poll Demonstrates What Voters Do - and Don't - Know About Election Policy

A new poll conducted for Pew's election team shows that voters' knowledge of the rules for elections in their state is inconsistent at best - what does that mean for the election system?

Bail-In of Alabama City Shows Key Part of Voting Rights Act Still Survives in Practice

A federal judge in Alabama made the city of Evergreen the first locality to be re-subjected to Voting Rights Act preclearance since the Supreme court decision in Shelby County. If nothing else, it signals that "bail-in" survives not just in theory but in practice.

Ohio to Improve Voter Rolls, Expand Outreach - Guess the Plaintiff!

The State of Ohio has entered into a settlement regarding a voter registration lawsuit. Looking only at the content of the settlement, can you guess the plaintiff? If not - or if it's difficult - that's actually a good thing because it means consensus might be emerging.

"Election Guru" Konopasek: Election Officials Need to Party Like It's No Longer 1999

Scott Konopasek's latest "Election Guru" post calls for the election field to put greater emphasis on soft (management) skills versus hard (technical) skills in an effort to bring the profession closer to the 21st Century.

New Ohio Data Shows Disposition of Vote Fraud Cases in 2012 Election

New data on the outcome of 2012 vote fraud cases in several large Ohio counties is a valuable lens into the true impact of fraud on the election process - and a model for other states and localities.

New Pew Issue Brief Drills Down on State Implementation of Online Voter Registration

Pew's newest issue brief looks past the simple question of whether or not states have adopted online voter registration to the more important question of how those new systems work. That information will be crucial as OVR continues to expand nationwide.

North Carolina to Keep Congressional Seat Vacant to Save Special Election Costs

North Carolina has decided to fill former U.S. Rep. Mel Watt's Congressional seat with a special election schedule that coincides with the regular calendar - a decision that will save the state money but isn't popular with some candidates.

A Case Study in Resilience: Newby on Johnson County 2012

Brian Newby's latest ElectionDiary highlights his experience with problems in Johnson County, KS on Election Day 2012 ... It's a fantastic case study of how election resilience works and why it's important.

"Accuracy, Resilience and Denial" and Their Impact on Elections

Marketing guru Seth Godin's musings on different approaches to the future is a helpful reminder of the power of resilience in all walks of life - including election administration.

Rick Hasen on 2014 as a "Pivotal Year" in Voting Rights Litigation

UC-Irvine's Rick Hasen takes a short but incredibly informative look at the year ahead in voting rights in a new piece for the Scholars Strategy Network.

While the Blog Was Sleeping: Catching up on Stories for the New Year

As the New Year dawns, the blog returns with a quick roundup of the stories that emerged over the holiday break.

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