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Oversight of Biomedical Technologies: What Can We Learn from Past Efforts?

Date: March 6, 2008
Time: 11:30-1:00
Location: Theater, Coffman Memorial Union
Lecture Series on Law, Health & the Life Sciences presented by Patricia King, J.D., Georgetown University
Patricia King, J.D., Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Law, Medicine, Ethics, and Public Policy, Georgetown University will present the final lecture in this year's Lecture Series.

Tremendous controversy surrounds the question of how to exercise effective oversight over cutting-edge biomedical technologies. At the federal level, past efforts have included presidentially appointed panels, NIH and FDA expert committees, and calls for legislation. Self-regulation by professional societies and litigation have also played a role. As a participant in a number of the federal efforts, including the Human Embryo Research Panel, Prof. King will reflect on what has worked and what has not, and what the lessons can be learned for future oversight.

This lecture is intended for students, faculty, researchers, scientists, policymakers, patients, health care professionals and organizations, and interested community.

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