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Deal or No Deal

Our center aims to address policy issues around many of the most pressing environmental issues. Here is what our director, Steve Kelley had to say about the two most pressing topics of the year: the environment and the economy.

Momentum Magazine

Interview by Todd Reubold

Facing a financial sector in chaos, mounting unemployment and a crumbling economy, a newly-elected Democratic president came to Washington with a plan to significantly change the direction of the country. Sound familiar? That was 1933, but Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal—the largest public works investment the nation had ever seen—is getting a second look as everyone from Gore to Google calls for a “Green New Deal.”

Momentum sat down with Steve Kelley, a former Minnesota senator and director of the Humphrey Institute’s Center for Science, Technology and Public Policy, to get his take on what a massive investment in renewables, energy conservation, transit and infrastructure could mean for America’s future.

Follow this link to read his questions.

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