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Destination 2025: Creating Life Science Jobs, Industry in Minnesota

By Robert M. Yawson
Research Assistant, CSTPP

The BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota and Deloitte Consulting LLP on January 28, 2009 released findings from Destination 2025, a roadmap for growth of six life science markets: medical devices, biologics and biopharmaceuticals, animal health, food, renewable energy and renewable materials. The report findings and recommendations reflect the global views of each life science industry, identify opportunities and challenges, and provide direction for the evolution of Minnesota's public policy, academic investments and infrastructure. The goal is to complement and inform existing efforts to align the state's resources, promote efficiency and improve the state's success in creating jobs in the "age of biology." The importance of Green Chemistry in Food Packaging as a global scenario; and a recommendation to establish policies and incentives that encourage industry to manufacture products from renewable materials, such as plastics derived from plants were made. I (Robert Yawson) was a Research Analyst on the project and co-authored the Animal Health and Food White Papers and Vision Documents. The documents are available at www.biobusinessalliance.org/Destination and www.deloitte.com/us/d2025.

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