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Happy Earth Day!

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Today is Earth Day and the whole week has been dedicated to being green. Community partners like Target have been giving reusable bags to every customer all week. Building exterior decorative lights will be turned off to conserve energy and many more initiatives are taking place.

The University of Minnesota and neighboring colleges are also a hotbed of environmental activities. For Earth Day members of the Cedar-Riverside Community partnered with students from the University of Minnesota and Augsburg to pick-up trash in Riverside Park (one of oldest parks in the city with the oldest tree in the Minneapolis). Over 60 volunteers pitched in to pick-up more then 100 bags of trash. The park if equivalent in size to approximately five city blocks by two, to put that amount of trash in perspective. While the park is on the Mississippi it is also bisected by highway 94 and we all know freeways are notorious place for garbage to collect. Volunteers picked up beer bottles, hubcaps and a host of other material. Since the park is along one of the major migratory corridors keeping the park environmentally sound is important to preserving habitats for a variety of species.

But Earth Day is just one day a year and to really solve many of our environmental challenges we need life style changes and major policy. As Al Gore said today “In order to solve the climate crisis, we can't just change light bulbs -- we need to change laws.”

Think today about what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and how you can support legislation that will stop us from reaching a climate change disaster.

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A special thanks the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, Humphrey’s Change Program, MPIRG, Middle Brook Hall, Augsburg’s community connections staff and all the residents of the neighborhood.

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