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Steve Kelley led a team of three researchers: Bonnie Keller, Luke Hollenkamp and Linda Nguy to conduct a study that examined governance options in the State of Minnesota to implement cap and trade policies. Recommendations included clearly outlining policy goals and should consider long-term objectives. The report also examined limitations in current structured and highlighted the need for the legislature to develop the agency capacity to full manage a program of this nature. The research team testified to the legislature at a to a joint Senate and House Energy Committee meeting along with experts discussing national cap and trade policy.

For Research Assistant Luke Hollenkamp this project was “an incredible opportunity. I feel the product of our research will provide the state's legislators with accurate and useful information that will be referenced in the crafting of state and regional carbon policy in the near future. Also, as was mentioned frequently by legislators during our testimony, the report provides a body of reference material that can be readily applied to revenue governance options in a variety of fields, not just environmental applications. I look forward to watching our research and subsequent report provide a structural basis of important considerations for state leaders as climate change and other policies are carefully considered and adopted in years to come.”

Click here for the full report.

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