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Deborah Swackhamer elected president of D.C.-based National Institute of Water Resources

As president of NIWR, Swackhamer will oversee the network of 54 water resources centers located in land grant institutions across the country, as well as the agency's efforts to coordinate and promote the training and research activities of water quality professionals and researchers in the United States and around the world.

"Each of the country's water resources centers are critical to getting federal funds into the hands of the best and the brightest university-based researchers -- those researchers developing cutting edge monitoring, restoration and prevention methods that dramatically improve the country's water supply," says Swackhamer. "NIWR is the link between the individual state needs and federal water priorities."

The WRC leverages the federal investment into a $4 million annual budget, which is put to work to improve the water quality of Minnesota's lake, streams, rivers and groundwater. The WRC was ranked among the top five water institutes in the country in its last national review.

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