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Take the Minnesota Water Sustainability Survey!

Professor Deborah Swackhamer is the leading the development of the Minnesota Water Sustainability Framework. She is overseeing the creation of a report that will help our legislators address the "hows" of sustainably managing the state's water for the next 25 years. The Framework will offer an analysis of water-related investments designed to improve our quality of life, as well as protect the state's habitats and ecosystems in years beyond and recommend specific ways to ensure that our water resources are abundant and clean for our grandchildren's grandchildren.

This winter, more than 200 leading water experts were assigned to work teams that have been researching and writing subject-specific white papers. The breadth and depth of knowledge on these teams is impressive, as well as balanced: work team members include farmers, anglers, landscapers, boaters, mining experts, civil engineers and ordinary citizens--a cross section representing nearly every profession, point of view and interest in Minnesota's lakes, rivers and groundwater. The white papers will form the scientific and technical basis of the Framework's recommendations, with help from a Synthesis Committee and the Headwaters Council, the project's oversight committee. The report will go before the legislature in January of next year.

An important part of the Framework project is listening to the values and priorities of Minnesotans, as Minnesota's water belongs to everyone in the state. Please take a few minutes to complete the 14-question "Minnesotans and Their Water" survey. You'll be asked for your opinion on issues ranging from the greatest threats to lake and rivers, to where you'd like the amendment investments to be made geographically, to your personal water interests and activities. Minnesota's water belongs to you--and its future is in your hands. Click here take the survey.

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