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Designing Water Governance

Hennepin County Water Governance Project - An Application of Design Thinking to Governance, presented by Will Nissen, on October 18th from 12:30 - 1:30 in the Stassen Room, Humphrey Center.

Hennepin County currently has a diverse system for managing surface water that can lead to varying policies and practices within cities and across city boundaries within the county. Nissen will discuss his work in managing a project to design a new surface water governance system for Hennepin County that used participatory methods such as design thinking, and visualization tools such as systems dynamics modeling. The goal of the project was to design a new governance system that is effective, transparent and enjoyable to work in and with, while ensuring the health, sustainability and delightfulness of Hennepin County's lakes, ponds, rivers, streams and wetlands. Recommendations drawn from the project will be presented to the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners.


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