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At the center we do research (who would have guessed, being at a research university and all). We also like to talk about our research (maybe a bit more surprising, but perhaps not). But really, talking about research, sharing ideas and inviting the community to contribute is really helpful. So each semester we host STEP FARs: Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy Feedback and Research Seminars and we would like you to come and talk with us. So here are the details. This spring we start off with Senior Fellow Steve Kelley talking about The Future of Green Chemistry in Minnesota. Each meeting is from 12:00-1:00 in the Humphrey School's Stassen room.

Can't make it today? Well here is the upcoming lineup:
February 21: Melisa Pollak - State Climate Action Plans
March 6: Adam Kokotovich - Contested Futures of Governance: Targeted Genetic Modification
March 20: Courtney Blankenheim and Kelly Schmitt (and Jeff Bielicki) - Spatio-Temporal Evolution of Energy Technology and Experience
April 3: Rachel Haase - Bioenergy Innovation / Mary Kemp - Oil Palm Sustainability
April 17: Building Transmission in the Upper Midwest

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