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Touring agriculture abroad

From the University of Minnesota's Blog post on "Schools in for the summer."

'"For the month of June, I'll be serving as a representative of Minnesota's production agriculture industry as I travel through France's Loire Valley touring farms, food processing plants, farmers' cooperatives and other agriculturally related sites. I'm sponsored on this study trip through the Rotary Foundation's Group Study Exchange program.

As a graduate student focusing on agricultural policy and education, this experience is a perfect fit with my academic and professional goals. We're planning to stay with host families on farms, so we'll get to interact directly with French farmers and agriculturalists on a daily basis. Food and culture are very closely intertwined, and the immersion emphasis gives me the chance to experience French food and agriculture in a really authentic way.'

Megan Roberts
Master's student, science, technology and environmental policy
Humphrey School of Public Affairs"

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