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Kuzma and Yue to Examine GMO and Nano-based Food Product Labeling

The USDA-funded Food Policy Research Center at the university recently awarded Associate Professor Jennifer Kuzma a $40,000 grant for research in innovative food policy. With co-principal investigator Chengyan Yue, Associate Professor in the Departments of Horticultural Science and Applied Economics, and Research Fellow Jonathan Brown, the project will be the first systematic comparison of public attitudes toward genetically-modified and nanotechnology-based foods and their product labeling. To be completed later this year, the team will apply experimental auctions and surveys to investigate similarities and differences in how consumers think about genetically-modified foods versus nanotechnology-based foods, how their willingness-to-pay changes with product-type and labels, and what product labeling options consumers prefer. The project is designed to inform policy on emerging technologies and food products with respect to criteria of transparency and consumer choice.

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