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By the monks' place (Day 1)

My procrastination has kept me from updating blogs recently, even though there is a lot going on to write about. It is the Spring Break week back at the U so I guess many of you have been enjoying spending time on watching/reading random stuff on the Internet. To enrich your break, I would like to contribute my blog updates and some pictures. :)

For this first update, I will write about my most recent trip to Munich over the past weekend. The city's native name M√ľnchen originally meant "by the monks' place", which I don't know why but I'm sure you can figure it out on wikipedia, if you are really interested. I'm just really glad that there weren't any monks in Munich.

You would think getting around in Europe should be pretty easy since everything is so close to each other, compared to the U.S. and China. However, getting to Munich was painful. Waking up at 3:30 am on Friday, taking the taxi to the train station with my fellow Brazilians, hopping on the bus from the train station in Maastricht to Aachen in Germany at 5:18, taking the train from Aachen to Koln Bonn Airport in Cologne at 6:30, flying to Munich at 9:55, taking the train from the airport to Munich central station for another 45 minutes, we finally arrived in our hostel, which was 5 minute walk from the train station, at 1pm.

Munich Central Station

Starving. We took the recommendation from the girl at the hostel's reception desk and headed to a beer garden close by. Munich, or Germany in general, is famous for the beer garden, a type of restaurants where people drink beer, play traditional music, dress up, socialize, and of course, eat. Even though there weren't many people on the street, the beer garden was packed.

Inside the beer garden. Packed during lunch time on a Friday.

Not knowing what's good on the menu or what the differences are among the dishes (they all look similar: all kinds of sausages, meat, and potatoes), most of us ordered the daily special-the original Schnitzel (known as a traditional German, or Bavarian, or Austrian dish), a slice of meat (I got pork) deep fried with breading, served with cranberry sauce. I loved it, especially the cranberry sauce. It added an unique sweet flavor to the meat. I also had my first beer in Munich (barely finished the 0.5l, still too much for me at 2 o'clock in the afternoon). I got the regular beer while one of our friends got the dark one. I tried a sip and I hated it. It's bitter and not sparkling.


After the lunch, we headed to one of the most touristy spot: the Olympic area, where the 1972 Olympic Games was held. We visited the BMW Museum and Headquarter. Being a girl knowing nothing about cars except driving an automatic car, I still found it interesting. The design of the giant "four-cylinder" tower from inside out is impressive. The interior design of the museum reminds me of Apple stores.

The "four-cylinder" BMW tower

Although I don't know much about cars, I still like many of the cars on display a lot, especially the mini colorful ones haha.


Across the museum is the Olympic site. This district is famous not only for the BMW museum, or the Olympic stadium, but also for the 1972 Summer Olympics, where the world-known Munich massacre took place. We went on the Olympic Tower that's over 200 meters high and had a great view of the complete city before sunset.

View of the city from the top of the Olympic Tower

Munich at sunset

Olympic Park

Olympic Tower

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