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Haw Par Villa (aka Tiger Balm Park)

Haw Par Villa is a unique garden that is full of educational value. It has over 1,000 sculptures which artistically portray stories and events based on famous Chinese historical personalities, mythology, and legends.
1n 1934, Boon Haw had a vision of a grand mansion and gardens for his brother. His aim was to immortalize and share the moral values behind the various meaningful Chinese legends by decorating the grounds.
In 1937, Haw Par Villa opened. The mansion (which is no longer in existence), along with the 3-dimensional sculptures that were colorful, life-like, and intriguing, cost over a million dollars to build.


Hu Fa Shi Ze is the green-faced fellow. He upholds the laws of the 10 Courts of Hell.

Descent: this is Hell's Gate and the 2 guardians are 'ox-head' and 'horse-face', assigned to usher new arrivals to the courts for punishment.

In the 1st court, King Qinguang conducts preliminary trials and each prisoner is judged according to his deeds.

Those with virtuous conduct in their past life will be led over the 'Golden Bridge' to reach paradise. Those whose past good deeds outweigh crimes committed will be sent to the 'Silver Bridge' to reach paradise.

Those who were evil doers in their past life will be sent to repent and then taken to a subsequent Court of Hall (depending on their crimes) to be punished.

2nd Court
Crime: inflicting personal injury, robbing
Punishment: thrown into a volcanic pit

2nd Court
Crime: corruption, stealing, and gambling
Punishment: frozen into block of ice

After they have drunk the magic tea, the sinners leave the 10 Courts of Hell via one of the 6 paths of the Wheel of Reincarnation or Samsara.

This guy fell for a woman's charms in a cypress grove. He tried on a magical waistcoat which turned into ropes that bound him tightly to a tree in the grove.

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