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Water-Light Show @ Marina Bay

I took a break from studying for finals and went to this Water-Light Show at Marina Bay which is shown 3 times a day. I do not have any pictures...because I taped the whole thing! So, if I see you when I get back, I will have to show you!

Here are some more pictures of Marina Bay at night (I was discovering new functions while I was waiting for the show to start):



I guess I have one picture...this is the very beginning of the show (that is a fan of water with lasers projected onto it. Crazy cool, right?)





The of the many things I will miss about Singapore is a person's ability to sit a block away from downtown in several places and see the entire city skyline. There is something about sitting right next to a city; you feel completely insignificant and a part of something bigger than yourself at the same time.

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