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Singapore: Impossible to Define

As I think about going back to the United States in one week, I am overjoyed to see everyone I have missed immensely over the last 4 months and experience cold weather (or, at least, less hot and humid) again!

However, reflecting back on this semester is hard to do.

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Water-Light Show @ Marina Bay

The of the many things I will miss about Singapore is a person's ability to sit a block away from downtown in several places and see the entire city skyline. There is something about sitting right next to a city; you feel completely insignificant and a part of something bigger than yourself at the same time.

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Haw Par Villa (aka Tiger Balm Park)

The first thing I looked at were the 10 Courts of Hell. Warning: If you do not like gore or do not want to read a history lesson, you may want to stop reading now. No, seriously. Stop reading now.

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Bali - Sickness and a Sunset

Alright, so after a rough couple weeks with midterm prep and completion, I went to Bali for recess week! Sounds awesome right?

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Chinese New Year (CNY) & Chingay

If you eat the spicy steamboat, rice is definitely needed to give your mouth a break (that was my mouth was on fire and somewhat numb for a bit after having a good portion of the spicy soup). I also had a century-old egg; it was SO GOOD!

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