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How Do You Want to Connect with the School?

Every fall universities welcome their alumni back to campus with a host of events and activities. I'm very much looking forward to our Homecoming parade and party before Saturday's game as they offer a wonderful opportunity to reacquaint with our alums and good friends.

It's hard to substitute the quality of the engagement we can have when we come together and meet face-to-face on campus. That said, technology and social media are making it so that we can connect far more frequently than once a year.

Through our website, Facebook page, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn groups, YouTube channel, you can now come back to campus -- virtually -- at any time and without having to circumnavigate the LRT construction.

I'm pleased to report that we've come a long way in our use of social media in the past year and we will be adding emphasis in this area as we move forward.

To do that most effectively, I need your help. How do you want to connect with the Carlson School in the social media space? Is there news or information that you want to see more of and how do you want to receive it? Are there online communities where we should be, but aren't yet?

In short, what should we be doing more of today so that there will be less catching up to do at Homecoming next year?



Hello Ms. Zaheer,

My name is Shankombo Chikonka ('Shan' for short) and I am a University of Minnesota Alumnus. One method of connecting to the school that I have found very effective through social media is communication through Facebook. Facebook enables as well as increases interaction with its users and also has the ability to integrate multiple social media accounts at once, like having twitter updates that automatically appear on the Facebook page. Not only is this convenient but also allows people to "Like" or "Comment" on the posts (something Twitter does not allow to do). This can also be a way to keep track and give you a general idea of how many people are visiting the Facebook pages by seeing the number of responses ("Likes" and "Comments") that people post.

The Carlson School of Management already has a page created, however I would like to see more improvement on the Undergraduate Facebook page, somewhat similar to that of the Carlson School of Management MBA program (

In summary, I think more emphasis should be placed on the Facebook pages in order in order for the Carlson School of Management to connect with its audiences.

Shan Chikonka.

Thanks Shan! We are investing in our presence on facebook, and have taken note of your comments.


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