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'Tis the Season

I'm writing today from Chicago where I am meeting with alumni, some recent, others from as far back as 1939. Here and wherever I go these days the first topic of conversation is our wonderful holiday card video, which today surpassed one million views on YouTube!

In this season of warmth, joy, and cheer, it has been remarkable to hear from so many alums and friends from all over the world who were touched by it.

My sincere thanks to Professor David Meyers, Kathy Romey, and the talented singers and staff at the School of Music who partnered with us to spread good cheer this holiday season. I hope this is the first of many future collaborations with the School of Music.

I'd also like to take a moment to highlight and thank our Strategic Communications team who dreamed up the idea and made it a reality.

This project embodies the creativity, energy, and talent that reside at the Carlson School and the University of Minnesota. Like so many viewers have commented, this video makes me proud to be a Gopher!



What a stunning presentation !!Absolutely first rate in every way. I have
forwarded it ---with pride ---to family in the country as well as in Norway !

I loved the video! It helped me get out of the Christmas blues! When too many adults complain about "Those kids today..." It is a wonderful way to say "Those kids today are really pretty terrific!" Thank you again. Ruth Reed

Joy to the world! Another one of the many (a lifetime of !) reasons why we love the U.S.A... the singing from the heart, the harmony,the creative energy ... making it happen with good ol' American know - how, again.

Thank you from Australia, for 70 years of freedom to celebrate Christmas.

Truly a genius presentation and positive publicity abounding. Well over a month after Christmas family members of all ages (3yrs and up) are still singing this song and I can't shake the feeling that I should comment and ask if you have considered (or already are) selling the song as a single on itunes? It would sell, oh yes, indeed. Thanks for the wonderful gift of music and Christmas cheer.

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