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About Sri

Twenty years ago, I started as an assistant professor at the Carlson School, straight out of the PhD program at the Sloan School of Management at MIT. I wasn't quite a rookie, however, having spent a significant amount of time working in the real world of multinationals, initially with Tata Consultancy Services, which I joined out of my master's in business from the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad, and later on as the internal auditor of what was then Sandoz (India). That likely explains my attraction to study the field of international business, particularly the location and organization of multinational firms. More recently, my focus has been working on issues surrounding the legitimacy of multinational enterprises, and of business in general. I'm concerned that business has lost credibility in society and feel strongly about developing a new generation of managers who can once more establish its position as a force for the good.

Over the years, I've made major contributions to scholarship in international business with my work on the liability of foreignness and on international location decisions. In 2007, I was recognized with the field's highest honor as a Fellow of the Academy of International Business. My roles at the Carlson School have included PhD coordinator in the Strategic Management and Organization (SMO) department, department chair of SMO, and most recently associate dean of Faculty and Research, responsible for faculty in seven academic departments and the school's research infrastructure, including its PhD program in Business Administration. Now dean and holder of the Elmer Andersen Chair in Global CSR, I plan to keep the momentum going on the positive trajectory that the Carlson School of Management is on.

On the personal side, having dragged two (now grown) children across three continents, my husband Aks (who is the Curtis L. Carlson Chair in Strategy at the Carlson School) and I are very happy to call Minnesota home. We've grown roots here and love the seasons. Anticipating summer - getting garden dirt under my fingernails - is wonderful, but I also love the dark, stark beauty of long winter nights. Apart from the garden, my board work on the India Health Foundation and mentoring and working with a worldwide network of former students and collaborators keeps me busy.

For more biographical information and a list of my publications, visit my faculty page.