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Becoming a Minnesota Cup Finalist: What's the Secret?

Post from Doug Ramler, Gray Plant Mooty


Minnesota Cup Semi-finalists, the challenge you now face is to transform that very good, but very brief, summary of your business idea into a spectacular business plan and an unforgettable presentation. But how does that happen? How do you get the judges to select your idea as the one of the top ideas in the state of Minnesota? And how do you do it in only about 30 days? What's the secret?

We're here to help. For many years my law firm, Gray Plant Mooty, and the Lurie Besikof accounting firm, have put on a panel discussion to share the secrets you're looking for, and to help you prepare a winning Minnesota Cup submission. Each year the panel consists of prior year winners and experienced judges who know what it takes to win. These prior participants and current judges know what works and what does not. They know how you should prepare and how much time it will take. They know what mistakes will cost you and what nuances will make you stand out.

On June 25th at 4:00 p.m. at Windows in the IDS Tower, these past winners and judges will provide you (Minnesota Cup semi-finalists only) with unique insights about the Minnesota Cup competition. This year's panel will include John Dinussen of OrthoCor Medical, 2012 Life Science and Health IT Division winner, and Solome Tibebu of Cognific, 2012 Student Division winner. They will share their very unique (and very recent) secrets to success in the Minnesota Cup. The Minnesota Cup judges on the panel will share what the judges are looking for. The panel discussion will include: (i) submission requirements; (ii) a frank discussion about the effort that is required to win; (iii) details about preparing a great plan; (iv) suggestions on preparing a great presentation; and (v) how to set yourself apart to become the winner of the 2013 Minnesota Cup. If you're not a semi-finalist but are interested in learning more about how to jumpstart your business, we're always posting unique content over at our blog. Check it out!

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