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The Minnesota Cup Semi-Finalists attend Messerli & Kramer's Early-Stage Fundraising Event

On Tuesday, August 13, Messerli & Kramer hosted its fourth annual event for the Cup's semi-finalists at their law office in downtown Minneapolis. Breakfast was provided as the group gathered to a warm welcome from Jeffrey Robbins.

Jeffrey Robbins, a Messerli & Kramer attorney and advisor to entrepreneurs, followed the introduction with a presentation highlighting the legal aspects of investing. He offered a variety of insightful tips including hurdles to avoid. "When startup companies network or speak publicly, they should talk about the company and what they're doing, not the money they're trying to raise in an effort to avoid issues with the SEC," Robbins stated.

The event continued with Joy Lindsay, Minnesota Cup judge and President of StarTec Investments. Joy emphasized the importance of entrepreneurs successfully communicating with investors before, during and after meetings. From experience, Joy looks at everything from the "elevator speech" to the business plan.

Rick Brimacomb, Partner at Sherpa Partners and Founder of Brimacomb & Associates, concluded the event with information on today's investment climate and suggestions on how to be successful in raising money for your company.

Thank you Messerli & Kramer, Jeffrey Robbins, Joy Lindsay and Rick Brimacomb for sharing fantastic advice and resources. This experience was much-appreciated as the semi-finalists approach the next round of the competition.

For event highlights including quotes and resources, go to Minnesota Cup's Twitter page.

Pictured below: Minnesota Cup Semi-Finalists.
Photo Credit: Ashley Zelenka for Minnesota Cup.


Pictured below: Cinch Chix, General division semi-finalists.
Photo Credit: Ashley Zelenka for Minnesota Cup.


Pictured below: Joy Lindsay, StarTec Investments, Minnesota Cup judge and Jeffrey Robbins, Messerli & Kramer, Minnesota Cup judge.
Photo Credit: Ashley Zelenka for Minnesota Cup.


Pictured below: Minnesota Cup semi-finalists.
Photo Credit: Ashley Zelenka for Minnesota Cup.


Pictured below: Rick Brimacomb, Brimacomb and Associates.
Photo Credit: Ashley Zelenka for Minnesota Cup.


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