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Marketing 101 Series Educates Entrepreneurs about Attracting Customers

This morning, Minnesota Cup hosted the final 101 Series event at the Carlson School of Management. Many entrepreneurs were in attendance to learn about tools that will help them reach customers effectively.

The 101 Series is a string of free events hosted by the Minnesota Cup to help entrepreneurs learn more about core business functions and how they can be applied to startups.

The event was moderated by Joan Moser of Spoken Impact who provided the audience with some book recommendations including The Lean Startup as well as her own personal experiences marketing a startup.

The panel started off with Matt Hilker who talked about social media strategies. He discussed tools such as Facebook Ads, Google and other mediums that will help reach the right people. He advised that you should know where your customers are active on social media and focus your efforts there. "The focus of social media should be to build relationships with customers," Matt noted.

Continuing the conversation, Jenifer Weismann of Owl Marketing talked about the importance of public relations. She advised to wait and tell your story until it's the right moment. Not only that, but be able to have your key messages ready when people do want to share your story. She also mentioned, "PR is important because a third party believes in what you're doing."

Last, Jeff Pesek of TECHdotMN shared the importance of being remarkable in order to get someone to cover your story. This means meeting milestones, adding new team members or anything that shows you are making progress as a business. Specifically he said, "As an entrepreneur now, there is no gatekeeper preventing you from getting your word out."

A big thank you to our expert panelists, moderator and audience members for an engaging discussion!

Pictured Below: Jeff Pesek, Jennifer Weismann, Matt Hilker & Joan Moser

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