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Minnesota Cup Company Feature: Yemyo

Minnesota Cup is featuring companies planning to enter this year's competition from now until May 9th! This week's lucky winner is Yemyo!


1. Who are you? Tell us about your company.

Yemyo is an education technology company with core values centered on student engagement, individualized instruction, self-directed learning, and parental involvement. Founded in 2013, our mission is to become the preferred online educational resource for teachers, students, and parents. The Yemyo vision is the lifelong dream and passion of our CEO, Frankie Poplau, a former teacher, CFO, and school superintendent.

2. What is your product?

Standard Sightline- A product that with about 15 minutes a month by teachers will: produce a current snapshot of placed standards, provide support for unwrapping standards and developing common assessments and rubrics, track the completion of standards by classroom during the year, allow parents to assess their student's competence with each standard and communicate information about areas of interest and learning preferences to the teacher so that lessons can be individualized and engaging.

Learning Platform- An interactive lesson platform that is: aligned with local standards, captures the best of the best in digital online lessons, useful in a classroom and for self-directed learning, engaging because it is individualized for each student and rewards progress in all the ways that matter!

3. How did you come up with the idea for the product?

Starting with a vision for education culminating from 20+ years of dreams, success and frustration as a teacher in the classroom and a school administrator, I added advanced degrees in education and technology and enriched it all through experience in corporate board rooms and technology operations. What emerged was a deep understanding of education culture, awareness of obstacles that get in the way, and the ability to brainstorm creative technology-based solutions. Finally, listening to educators, students and parents we produced the formula that became our products.

4. What excites you most about the Minnesota Cup?

The energy derived by sharing experiences with other visionary entrepreneurs. The knowledge and insights gained from hearing from successful entrepreneurs that have advanced their company's journey. The reward of strategic focus through participation in the process. The potential for added buoyancy to our vision through practical ideas, tangible support and financial backing. The pride of showcasing a dream. The exhilaration of competition.

Are you a startup company or entrepreneur looking for free publicity? Here's an opportunity for you to have your idea or product featured on our blog!
1. Find a poster (locations listed here) or get creative with the attached PDF: 2014 MN Cup Poster.pdf
2. Take a picture with the poster/image and share the photo by tweeting @minnesotacup. Be sure to include your location! We'll feature one idea/company per week on this blog through May 9. Only one entry per idea/company and we'll contact you if you're selected to be featured.

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