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development.jpgA new research study is recommending ways to make it easier for developers and employers to select sites that encourage living-wage jobs and mixed-income housing near transit.

A key finding of the study, which was based on interviews with developers and business leaders, revealed a pent-up demand for transit access in the Twin Cities metropolitan region.

A team led by University of Minnesota researchers Yingling Fan and Andrew Guthrie found that providing a great work location is critical for employers in recruiting highly skilled young professionals who are likely to desire--or demand--urban living and access to transit.

They also found that multifamily residential developers, redevelopment specialists, and large corporate office tenants have a strong interest in transit-accessible sites, but regulatory barriers, cost issues, and uncertainty surrounding future development of transit often discourage both developers and businesses from selecting such sites.

More details about the study and key recommendations

New issue of Journal of Transport and Land Use published

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Vol. 6, Issue 1 of the Journal of Transport and Land Use, is now available at

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Journal of Transport and Land Use enters year six
David M. Levinson, University of Minnesota

Linking urban transport and land use in developing countries
Robert B. Cervero, University of California, Berkeley

Measuring the impacts of local land-use policies on vehicle miles of travel: The case of the first big-box store in Davis, California
Kristin Lovejoy, Gian-Claudia Sciara, Deborah Salon, Susan Handy, and
Patricia Mokhtarian, University of California, Davis

Microsimulation framework for urban price-taker markets
Bilal Farooq, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Eric J. Miller, Franco Chingcuanco, and Martin Giroux-Cook, University of

Why people use their cars while the built environment imposes cycling
Veronique Van Acker, Ben Derudder, and Frank Witlox, Ghent University

What is mixed use? Presenting an interaction method for measuring land use mix

Kevin Manaugh and Tyler Kreider, McGill University

An Agent-Based Model of Origin Destination Estimation (ABODE)

Nebiyou Tilahun, University of Illinois at Chicago
David M. Levinson, University of Minnesota

The impact of transport, land and fiscal policy on housing and economic geography in a small, open growth model
Wei-Bin Zhang, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan

Book Reviews
Montréal at the Crossroads, edited by Pierre Gauthier, Jochen Jaeger, and Jason Princer
Paul Anderson, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

The Journal of Transport and Land Use is an open-access, peer-reviewed online journal publishing original interdisciplinary papers on the interaction of transport and land use.

Domains include: engineering, planning, modeling, behavior, economics, geography, regional science, sociology, architecture and design, network science, and complex systems.

Video on U of M transportation research highlights

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U of M transportation research highlights during 2012-2013 include a smartphone app for visually impaired pedestrians, pedestrian and bicyclist safety in roundabouts, methods for counting bike and pedestrian traffic on trails for better urban planning, and filtering phosphorous from storm water.

Charles Zelle began his work as commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) on January 15. Previously, Zelle served as president and CEO of Jefferson Lines, a Minneapolis-based transportation company providing travel services in 13 states across the Midwest. 250x140_zelle.jpg.



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