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Update on CTSA and OCR

(Originally sent April 4, 2008)

Dear colleague,

As promised, I am writing to provide further information on our new approach – and new leadership for the Clinical and Translational Science Award, and the Office of Clinical Research.

First, I’m pleased to announce that Betsy Seaquist has agreed to serve as interim director of the Office of Clinical Research effective next Monday, April 7. Dr. Seaquist and I will work closely to review current programs and services to ensure we are on track to become integrated with the CTSA effort. As many of you know, Dr. Seaquist has served the University for nearly 20 years, and has served as the program director for the GCRC. Her experience and knowledge will serve us well.

To support the development of the CTSA grant, I am appointing the following three groups:

Core Faculty Work Group:

This group will lead development of the unifying theme that leverages the University’s strengths, as well as those of the AHC and community network. In addition, this core team will oversee the writing of the grant as an integrated and coordinated whole for the October 2008 deadline.

Bruce Blazar, Medical School, Chair
Andy Nelson, Executive Director, HealthPartners Research Foundation, Co-Chair
Tim Tracy, College of Pharmacy
Julie Jacko, Institute for Health Informatics, Nursing, Public Health
Linda Watson, Health Science Libraries
Eileen Harwood, School of Public Health
Kevin Peterson, Medical School
Billie Wahlstrom, Vice Provost

Deans Advisory Group:

This group will advise and assist in the development of the core theme, and participate in defining governance and operations functions of the CTSA as a service platform to facilitate the performance of clinical research.

Deborah Powell, Medical School
Connie Delaney, School of Nursing
Patrick Lloyd, School of Dentistry
Marilyn Speedie, College of Pharmacy
John Finnegan, School of Public Health
Trevor Ames, College of Veterinary Medicine
Steve Crouch, Institute of Technology
Bev Durgan, Extension Service
Frank Cerra, Academic Health Center

Faculty Strategic Group:

This group will provide counsel to the core faculty work group, providing a broad, strategic perspective to the resubmission effort. In addition, they will provide advice on development of the core theme, selection of major, strategic, core strengths, and assist as needed on writing of the grant.

Gunda Georg, College of Pharmacy
John Connett, School of Public Health
Russell Luepker, School of Public Health
Jeff Kahn, Center for Bioethics
Jeff Miller, Medical School
Robert Washabau, College of Veterinary Medicine
Jeff Bender, College of Veterinary Medicine
Jean Wyman, School of Nursing
Kelvin Lim, Medical School
Barbara Brandt, AHC Office of Education
Vipin Kumar, Institute of Technology
Doug Yee, Cancer Center
Mike Garwood, Medical School, Center for Magnetic Resonance Research
Mike Georgieff, Medical School
James Neaton, School of Public Health
Judy Beniak, AHC Office of Education
Charles Schulz, Medical School
Pamala Jacobson, College of Pharmacy
Mary Jo Kreitzer, School of Nursing, Center for Spirituality and Healing
Mohammad Mokbel, Institute of Technology, Computer Science/Engineering
Lael Gatewood, Medical School
Jeff McCullough, Medical School, Institute for Engineering and Medicine
Betsy Seaquist, AHC Office of Clinical Research

Frank B. Cerra, M.D.
Senior Vice President for Health Sciences
McKnight Presidential Leadership Chair

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