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The University of Minnesota is preparing its CTSA application for the October 2008 submission deadline. We have convened several working groups to develop a strong application with a core theme that leverages the unique strengths of the University and community partners. Fundamentally, the CTSA will help us provide a service platform for clinical research that partners with a community network to transform health.

Bruce Blazar, Medical School, will chair and Andy Nelson, Executive Director, HealthPartners Research Foundation will co-chair a Core Faculty Work Group. They will be aided by a Deans Advisory Group, comprised of AHC deans and two other University deans, and a Faculty Strategic Group to provide strategic advice and interdisciplinary expertise. Throughout the process, we will engage and collaborate with community partners.

At its core, the CTSA is about transforming health, and we recognize that this transformation will require real change within the University culture and in the ways the community and University can work together. As we move forward, we are guided by the following:

  • The CTSA should advance bidirectional engagement among the community and University; community partnerships and networks are key.
  • The CTSA should address health problems identified in/by the community.
  • Trust, understanding, and a commitment to the common good/greater good are essential.
  • The CTSA should lead to real impact and relevance.
  • The CTSA should leverage existing strengths and build capacity.
  • The University‚Äôs learning technologies, platforms and environments are an important asset in the U and in the state.

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Feedback is welcome

Your input and feedback into our CTSA application is invaluable to us. All emails will be read and forwarded to the relevant team. Only through inclusive collaboration and active participation will we succeed in putting together a strong application to benefit the health of our community. Contact the CTSA team at ctsa@umn.edu.