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Faculty Strategic Group

This group will provide counsel to the core faculty work group, providing a broad, strategic perspective to the resubmission effort. In addition, they will provide advice on development of the core theme, selection of major, strategic, core strengths, and assist as needed on writing of the grant.

Jeff Bender Program Director, Veterinary Population Medicine
Judy Beniak Program Director, Health Careers Center
Barbara Brandt Assistant Vice President for Education, AHC
John Connett Professor, Biostatistics
Tim Ebner Professor and Head, Neuroscience
Mike Garwood Professor, Radiology/CMRR
Lael Gatewood Professor, Lab Medicine & Pathology
Gunda Georg Professor and Head, Department of Medicinal Chemistry
Mike Georgieff Professor, Pediatrics
Pam Jacobson Associate Professor, Experimental/Clinical Pharmacology
Jeff Kahn Director, Center for Bioethics
Tom Kottke Professor, Medicine
MaryJo Kreitzer Director, Center for Spirituality and Healing
Vipin Kumar Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
Mindy Kurzer Director, U of M Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives Institute
David Largaesapada Associate Professor, Genetics, Cell Biology & Development
Kelvin Lim Professor, Psychiatry
Russ Luepker Professor, Epidemiology
Jeff McCullough Director, Institute for Engineering in Medicine
Bryan Michalowicz Associate Professor, Developmental/Surgical Science
Jeff Miller Professor, Cancer Center
Mohamed Mokbel Assistant Professor, Computer Science/Engineering
James Neaton Adjunct Professor, Biostatistics
Joel Rudney Professor, Diagnostic & Biological Sciences (Vet Med)
Charles Schulz Professor and Head, Department of Psychiatry
Betsy Seaquist Interim Director, Office of Clinical Research
Leif Solberg Adjunct Professor, Family Medicine / Community Health
Brian VanNess Professor and Head, Department of Genetics, Cell Biology & Development
Robert Washabau Professor, Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Jean Wyman Professor, Family Medicine/Community Health
Doug Yee Director, Cancer Center
James Fricton Professor, Diagnostic & Biological Sciences (Dentistry)
Jennifer Cieslak
*Staff Support
Special Assistant to the SVP for Health Sciences
Terry Bock *Organizational Advisor Associate VP and Chief of Staff, AHC

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Feedback is welcome

Your input and feedback into our CTSA application is invaluable to us. All emails will be read and forwarded to the relevant team. Only through inclusive collaboration and active participation will we succeed in putting together a strong application to benefit the health of our community. Contact the CTSA team at ctsa@umn.edu.