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Update on CTSA and OCR

(Originally sent April 4, 2008)

Dear colleague,

As promised, I am writing to provide further information on our new approach – and new leadership for the Clinical and Translational Science Award, and the Office of Clinical Research.

First, I’m pleased to announce that Betsy Seaquist has agreed to serve as interim director of the Office of Clinical Research effective next Monday, April 7. Dr. Seaquist and I will work closely to review current programs and services to ensure we are on track to become integrated with the CTSA effort. As many of you know, Dr. Seaquist has served the University for nearly 20 years, and has served as the program director for the GCRC. Her experience and knowledge will serve us well.

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Moving Forward on Clinical Research

(Originally sent April 2, 2008)

Dear colleague,

Our mission within the health sciences is dependent on our capacity to perform clinical research. The promise of health improvement that is based on our strength in basic sciences and excellence in translational science is dependent on an efficient and effective clinical research program that is partnered with a community network. And here, at the University, our Office of Clinical Research (OCR), with the promise of an NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA), are two key pieces of that capacity.

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Your input and feedback into our CTSA application is invaluable to us. All emails will be read and forwarded to the relevant team. Only through inclusive collaboration and active participation will we succeed in putting together a strong application to benefit the health of our community. Contact the CTSA team at ctsa@umn.edu.