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CTR Portal Enhancements released Friday, October 14

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Several enhancements will be available in the CTR Portal beginning Friday, October 14. Please review the list below and contact Beth Mohr or Trung Ngo with questions.

Enhancements to My Projects

  • When a user clicks on a CTSI ID in the My Projects widget (on the Portal home screen), the user is routed to the My Projects module with that project as the search result, rather than opening the project record itself.

  • Multiple Contract Numbers may now be recorded in the My Projects - Basic Information tab's EFS Sponsored Account section, including the ability to hide or show award data.

Enhancements to Register Project and Request for Services
  • On Project Registration Form - Associated Staff - Select Role option, the button text has been changed from "Choose" to "Add."

  • On the Project Registration form, upon clicking the "Register Project" button, a pop up message appears containing text of "Are you sure you wish to submit this request?" and a button of "Confirm Submission." This pop up message text has been changed to: "Are you sure you wish to register this project?" and the button to: "Confirm Registration."

  • On the Project Registration confirmation page, in the breadcrumb trail, the wording of "Request Services" has been removed since this text should not appear until a Request for Services record has actually been initiated.

  • On the Request for Services form's Basic Info tab, a response is now required for question #4 ("How will your research be funded?") in order to successfully navigate forward or back.

  • The Project Registration confirmation e-mail text has been updated to address the issue of individuals not initiating a subsequent Request for Services form.

  • If a project had a previous Request for Services submission, the data from the previous submission is pre-populated on the Request for Services form's Gather Project Details tab, with the ability to edit this data.

  • Text of (BDAC) has been added behind "Biostatistical Support from CTSI" on the Request for Services form's Specify Service Lines tab.

  • Upon submitting the Project Registration form, a modal window appears on top of the confirmation page with options of "I need CTSI services" (which routes user to Request for Services form) or "I DO NOT need CTSI services" (which closes modal window and brings user to confirmation page).

  • On Request Services - Select Services tab - Scientific Review questions, in the text of "Each field is required with the exception of the last...," the text of "with the exception of the last" has been removed because it was not accurate (the last question is indeed required).

  • The "Printer Friendly" version of Request for Services form has been fixed and is functional.

Enhancements to Review Request Services (used by Reviewers, Editors, Cost Estimators)
  • Reviewers, Editors, and Cost Estimators are now able to access the "View Archive" option in the Review Request Services module.

Thank you and congratulations to Carolee Wieneke

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After more than 20 years of service Carolee Wieneke retired from the University on October 3rd. Carolee was a valuable and valued employee who provided her skills and services to several university departments over the course of her career, most recently serving as Executive Administrative Assistant to Dr. Mark Herzberg. Carolee and her husband Tony plan to travel extensively beginning with a tour of the southern states in November. Additional trips Carolee has planned include visits with friends and family in Texas and a trip to Hawaii in the spring. Carolee plans to pursue her much loved photography hobby as she tours and when home in Minneapolis she hopes to spend much more time with her grandchildren. We extend our congratulations to Carolee on a fine university career and wish her much happiness as she enjoys her well deserved retirement.

REDCAP software available for data capture

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This month, the Biomedical Health Informatics and Biostatistics Design and Analysis teams launch REDCap (or Research Electronic Data Capture), a secure web application designed exclusively to support data capture for research.

REDCap is available to UMN research teams at no costs, and this tool is fully supported by the Biostatistics Design and Analysis Center (BDAC) at CTSI. The BDAC team now offers regular introduction sessions to help investigators determine if this is the right tool for a particular study. 

Contact Sue Lowry for more information or visit the UMN REDCap website learn more.

CTSI Connects With...Dr. Sheila Riggs

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Each month CTSI Connect will feature a staff member interview, so you can learn more about your colleagues. In September, we connected with Sheila Riggs, DDS, Associate Professor and department chair for Primary Dental Care.In addition to facilitating Community University Board meetings, Dr. Riggs was named director of the Office of Community Engagement for Health (OCEH).

I work in clinical research because: there is so much potential and opportunity to partner with the community to determine the best solutions to health issues that have vexed our communities for too long.
My typical duties or work day consists of: working with Andrea Leinberger-Jabari to maximize the work of the Office of Community Engagement for Health. I am also the Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the School of Dentistry. In this role, I work with faculty and students to maximize the educational experiences of dental, dental therapy, and dental hygiene students.
For recreation I like to: walk on the gravels roads that surround a 100 acre 'retreat' my husband and I own 2 hours south of the Twin Cities. I usually take our dog Josie with me on the walks.
My current or favorite read: Turn Right at Machu Picchu by Mark Adams. It is a lightly written book that describes a portion of my summer vacation this year.

Picture 1.png

Favorite quote: I am one of seven siblings and we recently created a mission statement to guide the next generation of our (McGuire) family. "At our core, we are fair and self-respecting leaders who are responsible and do meaningful work to make our communities safe and secure and our society just."

CTSI Connect changes format

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Since its inception in January, the CTSI Connect newsletter was an opportunity for staff to keep each other informed of new developments, progress and changes.

With the announcement of the CTSA in June, and the implementation of the CTR Portal in August, we saw the need for quick updates and a steady information stream rather than in a monthly email.

We bring you CTSI Connect for staff updates and CTSI News for campus outreach.

The new format allows for comments, a better search function and daily posts.

While CTSI staff are welcome to contribute items at any time, we ask you to help keep content fresh with the following monthly news cycle:

Week 1: Biomedical Health Informatics (BMI); Office of Discovery and Translation (ODAT); CTSI Connects With (featuring a staff member).

Week 2: Clinical Translational Research Services (CTRS) function updates to include:

    ~ Clinical Research Implementation Services (CRIS)
    ~ Biostatistical Design and Analysis Center (BDAC)
    ~ Regulatory Knowledge & Support
    ~ Research Project Managers
    ~ Research Subject Advocate

Week 3: Office of Community Engagement for Health (OCEH) and Education, Training and Career Development (EdTRCD)

Week 4: Director's Message; Evaluation & Monitoring (eTeam)
Ongoing: Research news

Quality survey conducted

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Quality Assurance Coordinator Jennifer Maas recently compiled survey results that asked clinical staff: "If I could make one quality improvement, it would be...."

Participants cited the need for an improved scheduling system, more privacy for exam rooms, increased training, and a better clinic layout to maximize efficiency.

Comments and responses include:
"I would change the scheduling system by putting together a group of users (coordinators, administrative assistants, nurses) to talk with programmers about the most troublesome features."

Response: The CTR Portal was launched Aug. 1 and will continue to be improved through user input and testing. Contact Trung Ngo if you have suggestions or ideas.

"I would change how some of our research coordinators approach blood draws and IV placements...Training is needed so that all staff can perform blood draws and place lines."

Response: A training program is in the process of being developed and will be provided to all coordinators who require phlebotomy and IV training.

In seeing patients our staff "spend way too much of their day walking" back and forth "to the ends of the hall to accomplish tasks. We need to move multiple times per day between the urine processing room, exam rooms, lab, blood draw room and offices at 717 Delaware. The layout of the suite is not conducive to work flow."

Response: We appreciate and understand that employees are required to walk back and forth from offices to clinics due to the current layout and that improving this would help increase the efficiency of the visits. Unfortunately, there are no plans at this time for layout changes at 717.

"There is not a single exam room with a privacy curtain. We conduct physical exams for which patients need to change into gowns and EKGs for which patients are bare-chested. If the door were inadvertently opened while an EKG was being conducted, the patient would be exposed to anyone who happened to be at the door or in the hallway. I feel strongly that this is a violation of the patient's right to privacy."

Response: CTSI has privacy curtains available for use. Please notify Jennifer Maas or Karen Johnson, operations manager who can work with investigators to get curtains installed.

Nursing and informatics adds fellows

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Congratulations to Professor Bonnie Westra and Adjunct Professor Marty LaVenture, who were recently named Fellows in the American College of Medical Informatics. This brings the total to eight ACMI fellows at UMN, a proportionately large cohort now eligible to use the FACMI designation.

Making the Rounds

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CTSI staff members are on the move collaborating with colleagues and community partners. Through a series of presentations, exhibits and meetings, we spread the word about the CTSI mission and progress toward our goals. Along with the efforts of our staff, Dr. Aaron Friedman and I have met with community health leaders to identify opportunities for collaborative innovation. These discussions have been fruitful and are paving the way for better communication between the academic and business sectors.
August 23: a team met with new UMN faculty during orientation week to explain how CTSI can offer clinical support and research resources. I'm told there was genuine interest to learn more about how CTSI is preparing to help new investigators with their clinical research.
Sept. 4: CTSI hosted a booth at the Minnesota State Fair. Patrons talked to CTSI staff and investigators to learn more about study participation. Fair-goers played games and received prizes while hearing about myths surrounding clinical research. Dr. Aaron Kelly was on hand to discuss his child obesity research and how CTSI supports translational science.
Sept. 7: Dean Connie Delaney met with a group of cross-disciplinary faculty and staff to provide an overview of the Clinical and Translational Research Portal. She facilitated discussion to answer questions about the Portal, which was launched on Aug. 1.
Sept. 13: CTSI staffed a table at the Institute for Engineering in Medicine Innovation Showcase a networking opportunity for researchers in medicine, engineering and medical device manufacturing.
Sept. 19: a team participated in the eighth annual Women's Health Research Conference to explore opportunities to advance knowledge that impacts the health of women and their communities.
Sept. 21: CTSI hosted its first Office of Community Engagement for Health Summit at the UMN Arboretum. Dr. Susan LeBailly, from Northwestern University Clinical and Translational Science (NuCATS), delivered the keynote address. More than 80 community partners and UMN participants turned out to discuss strategies, perceptions, and areas for improvement in our health partnerships.
Sept. 22: Dr. Chester Whitley was the guest speaker for our quarterly Science Cafe at Coffman Memorial Union, Mississippi Room. He presented an overview of his clinical research on rare genetic lysosomal disorders and answered questions about new treatments and trials.
Oct. 5-6: I joined CTSA National Consortium steering committee members last week in Bethesda, MD. UMN is now part of this national consortium led by the National Institutes of Health's National Center for Research Resources. Materials from the meeting are here.
Oct. 12: CTSI will co-sponsor a bioethics conference from 8:30 am to 3 pm at Coffman Memorial Union, 4th floor. Panelists will discuss pro and con arguments about whether people have a moral obligation to participate in clinical research and identify implications for the way that biomedical research should be taught. This conference is free and open to the public.

Let's continue to refine and improve our scientific goals and functions at CTSI to deliver new and better ways to detect, treat, and prevent disease and improve the health of our community.

Bruce Blazar, MD

IRB privacy and data security class offered

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Sign up for the Protecting Participants and Ourselves:IRB and Privacy Issues in Health Science Survey Research class on Oct. 20 from 1 to 2:30 pm at the Masonic Cancer Research building, room 450.

Sponsored by the University Survey Peer Network, the Office of Institutional Research and the Office of Measurement Services, this for-credit, 90-minute session will be based on actual IRB, HRPP, privacy or data security scenarios. When registering, participants are asked to submit questions so the class can focus on concrete best practice strategies to protect participants and clinical research staff.

To RSVP and submit questions or comments, e-mail opa@umn.edu by October 13 and include include "Will attend SPN session" in the subject line.

First community engagement summit a success

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OCEHSummit.png The Transforming Partnerships: Community Engagement for Health Summit on Sept. 21 drew more than 80 community and UMN stakeholders for a day of discussion at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Participants learned about new directions for engaging in meaningful research partnerships. Hosted by the Office of Community Engagement for Health (OCEH), this event officially kicked off CTSI's community engagement agenda, which included a morning panel discussion with Dr. Bruce Blazar, Andrew Nelson, and Dr. Andrew Furco. Keynote speaker Dr. Susan LeBailly, director of the Practice Based Research Program at the Northwestern University Clinical and Translational Sciences (NUCATS) Institute, highlighted best practices in community engagement. Later in the day, chairs of each OCEH community council, Dr. Rahul Koranne, Dr. Jennifer Lundblad, Mr. Mitchell Davis, Jr., and Mr. Jim Krile, gave their perspectives on how the CTSA can provide opportunities for the community. Moderated small group discussion focused on community engagement goals and growth opportunities. "There were truly honest conversations and feedback," said Dr. Sheila Riggs, director of the OCEH, reflecting on the afternoon table discussions and audience polls.

EdTRCD adds scholars

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The CTSI KL2 Scholars Program supports new clinical and translational research investigators through a three-year mentored training program. The Education, Training and Career Development (EdTRCD) recently announced four new recipients. Two of the scholars have joined the Program this fall and the other two will begin in March 2012. Another RFA will be released soon with a due date around December. Scholars selected during the Second RFA cycle include:
  • Tetyana Shippee, PhD - Health Policy and Management
  • Cari Clark, ScD, MPH - Medicine
  • Terrence Adam, MD, PhD -- Pharmacy Care and Health Systems (March 2012)
  • Silvia Mangia, PhD - Radiology/CMRR (March 2012)
Scholars selected during the first RFA cycle include:
  • Maneesh Bhargava, MD - Medicine
  • Samir Khariwala, MD - Otolaryngology
  • Sarah Cusick, PhD - Pediatrics
Scholars continuing on the KL2 until February 2012 from a previous K12 program include:
  • Aviva Abosch, MD, PhD - Neurosurgery
  • Jason Baker, MD, MS - Medicine - Infectious Disease
The program offers:
  • 75% salary support, up to $100,000 (inclusive of fringe benefits) for protected time for clinical/translational research career development
  • $25,000 per year for technical assistance or supplies to assist in obtaining data
  • $2,500 per year for primary mentor
  • Travel funds of $1,000 per year
Just completing our second RFA cycle the KL2 Scholar Program radiates a palpable energy. The KL2 roster is made up of outstanding junior faculty scholars from a diversity of disciplines at the AHC. The program spans the full spectrum of the clinical and translational research enterprise, including clinical health research. "We look forward to building a strong scholar community in the upcoming year," said Program Director Jasjit S. Ahluwalia, MD, MPH, MS. For more information contact Michelle Lamere, MPA, EdTRCD Program coordinator.

CTRS is pleased to announce the development of three new "specialist" roles and services for investigators. This announcement will be made more broadly across the University as details about the processes and services are finalized.
Debbie Dykhuis has been named Junior Investigator Research Project Manager and will serve as the primary contact in CTRS for new clinical and translational research investigators.
Debbie will also serve as the T2/T3 Research Project Manager.  She will be the primary contact in CTRS for investigators proposing or conducting T2/T3 research. T2 research focuses on testing new interventions with implications for practice (Phase 2 and 3 clinical trials) and T3 research explores implications for population health (Phase 4 trials, Health Services research, clinical outcomes research).
Debbie's many years of experience will prove to be a valuable resource to new investigators.  Through her focused activities, new investigators will find accelerated pathways to productive research programs and eventual leadership in their areas of expertise.
Stacy Valenzuela will serve as IRB Specialist Research Project Manager (RPM).  In this postion, Stacy will be the primary contact in CTRS for providing IRB application and communication advice to investigators (including community partners), clinical research coordinators, and CTRS colleagues. This service will not supplant the full-service IRB application and communication work available to investigators who request RPM services for CTSI project development. Instead, this IRB specialist service will be available to researchers and others who may benefit from advice on completing IRB applications, writing consent forms, and communicating effectively with the IRB.
Stacy has more than four years of experience facilitating effective communication with Institutional Review Boards and providing related regulatory guidance to investigators.
Mark Herzberg, CTRS director, offers his thanks to Debbie and Stacy for their willingness to take on new responsibilities and to help develop these new specialized services. "The CTSI is proud that the special expertise of these dedicated professionals can be made available to our community.  We will be working to ensure that our community is fully aware and takes advantage of the special opportunites offerred by Stacy and Debbie."
Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

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