CTR Portal Enhancements released Friday, October 14

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Several enhancements will be available in the CTR Portal beginning Friday, October 14. Please review the list below and contact Beth Mohr or Trung Ngo with questions.

Enhancements to My Projects

  • When a user clicks on a CTSI ID in the My Projects widget (on the Portal home screen), the user is routed to the My Projects module with that project as the search result, rather than opening the project record itself.

  • Multiple Contract Numbers may now be recorded in the My Projects - Basic Information tab's EFS Sponsored Account section, including the ability to hide or show award data.

Enhancements to Register Project and Request for Services
  • On Project Registration Form - Associated Staff - Select Role option, the button text has been changed from "Choose" to "Add."

  • On the Project Registration form, upon clicking the "Register Project" button, a pop up message appears containing text of "Are you sure you wish to submit this request?" and a button of "Confirm Submission." This pop up message text has been changed to: "Are you sure you wish to register this project?" and the button to: "Confirm Registration."

  • On the Project Registration confirmation page, in the breadcrumb trail, the wording of "Request Services" has been removed since this text should not appear until a Request for Services record has actually been initiated.

  • On the Request for Services form's Basic Info tab, a response is now required for question #4 ("How will your research be funded?") in order to successfully navigate forward or back.

  • The Project Registration confirmation e-mail text has been updated to address the issue of individuals not initiating a subsequent Request for Services form.

  • If a project had a previous Request for Services submission, the data from the previous submission is pre-populated on the Request for Services form's Gather Project Details tab, with the ability to edit this data.

  • Text of (BDAC) has been added behind "Biostatistical Support from CTSI" on the Request for Services form's Specify Service Lines tab.

  • Upon submitting the Project Registration form, a modal window appears on top of the confirmation page with options of "I need CTSI services" (which routes user to Request for Services form) or "I DO NOT need CTSI services" (which closes modal window and brings user to confirmation page).

  • On Request Services - Select Services tab - Scientific Review questions, in the text of "Each field is required with the exception of the last...," the text of "with the exception of the last" has been removed because it was not accurate (the last question is indeed required).

  • The "Printer Friendly" version of Request for Services form has been fixed and is functional.

Enhancements to Review Request Services (used by Reviewers, Editors, Cost Estimators)
  • Reviewers, Editors, and Cost Estimators are now able to access the "View Archive" option in the Review Request Services module.

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