CTRS announces development of specialized RPM roles and services

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CTRS is pleased to announce the development of three new "specialist" roles and services for investigators. This announcement will be made more broadly across the University as details about the processes and services are finalized.
Debbie Dykhuis has been named Junior Investigator Research Project Manager and will serve as the primary contact in CTRS for new clinical and translational research investigators.
Debbie will also serve as the T2/T3 Research Project Manager.  She will be the primary contact in CTRS for investigators proposing or conducting T2/T3 research. T2 research focuses on testing new interventions with implications for practice (Phase 2 and 3 clinical trials) and T3 research explores implications for population health (Phase 4 trials, Health Services research, clinical outcomes research).
Debbie's many years of experience will prove to be a valuable resource to new investigators.  Through her focused activities, new investigators will find accelerated pathways to productive research programs and eventual leadership in their areas of expertise.
Stacy Valenzuela will serve as IRB Specialist Research Project Manager (RPM).  In this postion, Stacy will be the primary contact in CTRS for providing IRB application and communication advice to investigators (including community partners), clinical research coordinators, and CTRS colleagues. This service will not supplant the full-service IRB application and communication work available to investigators who request RPM services for CTSI project development. Instead, this IRB specialist service will be available to researchers and others who may benefit from advice on completing IRB applications, writing consent forms, and communicating effectively with the IRB.
Stacy has more than four years of experience facilitating effective communication with Institutional Review Boards and providing related regulatory guidance to investigators.
Mark Herzberg, CTRS director, offers his thanks to Debbie and Stacy for their willingness to take on new responsibilities and to help develop these new specialized services. "The CTSI is proud that the special expertise of these dedicated professionals can be made available to our community.  We will be working to ensure that our community is fully aware and takes advantage of the special opportunites offerred by Stacy and Debbie."
Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

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