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CTR Portal Enhancements to be released Thursday, 9/15

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Several enhancements will be available in the CTR Portal beginning Thursday, 9/15. Please review the list below and contact Beth Mohr or Trung Ngo with questions.

Request for Services 

  • A new "CTSI Cost Estimator" role has been added in order for users assigned in this role to access the Review Request Services module.

  • The CTSI ID has been added to the top of View Requests page, along with the project's Short Title at the top of this page.

  • When a request is submitted, re-opened, and re-submitted, user is now brought to a confirmation page upon subsequent submission, rather than to a read only version of the application.

  • Fixed issue with AHC ID users in which they were sometimes routed to the CTR Portal home screen rather than a confirmation screen upon submitting a New Project Registration Form.
  • The three tabs on the Request for Services form have been modified to be more distinguishable from one another.

  • On Request for Services - Gather Project Details tab - question #4, options of "Non-sponsored account" and "U of MN funding" have been added.

  • When logged in as the Checker role to the Review Request Services module, the Checker will now have the ability to remove all assigned Reviewers or Editors.

  • The Request for Services confirmation e-mails will now be sent to the individual who most recently submitted the request (along with PI and Key Contact).
My Projects 
  • Modified the formatting of the text in the My Projects' Actions column so that the text is more distinguishable on projects with multiple Actions options. 

  • A new Publications section has been added to the Basic Info tab, with the ability to collect multiple PMID's and PMCID's. 

  • Under Basic Info tab's Budgeted Hours section, Clinical Research Manager corrected to Clinical Research Coordinator, and "Hours per Visit" field updated to allow for a range of hours. 
  • The URL to access the CTR Portal has been updated from the production CTR Portal site to CTSI's Portal Overview landing page on the Project Registration and Request for Services confirmation e-mails and My Invoices e-mails. 

  • The CTSI News and Information widget on the Portal home screen is now populated by an RSS feed from CTSI's blog.

Travel and reimbursement process refined

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As CTSI staff make trips related to national consortium meetings or site visits of other institutions, please keep these travel reimbursement tips in mind:

1. Traveler or traveler's primary administrative support staff person is responsible for making travel arrangements, subject to UMN travel policies:

2. Registration and airfare can be prepaid on UMN P-cards; hotel and miscellaneous expenses during the travel must be paid by the individual and reimbursed after the trip.

3. Traveler must retain receipts for hotel and other miscellaneous expenses of $25 or more, except for individual meals. Meals will be reimbursed at federally approved per diem rates; therefore, receipts for individual meals are not required.

4. Refer to the Travel Per Diem Rates website to identify the reimbursable rates.

5. If travel includes a group meal for a bona fide business purpose, then an itemized receipt for all meal expenses is required. In addition, traveler must document names of individuals participating in the meal and include a brief summary of the business-related purpose. CTSI will not reimburse alcohol.

6. Upon return, traveler must complete and sign the Employee Expense Worksheet

7. When completing the justification section, attach all required receipts and be sure to include:

  • WHO traveled?

  • WHAT was purpose for travel?

  • WHERE and WHEN did the travel take place?

  • HOW travel benefitted CTSI?

  • Include information regarding any prepaid expenses on the worksheet. Leave the chart-string information blank; this section will be completed by CTSI Finance.

8. Ensure traveler's supervisor has signed as "Authorized Signature," indicating approval; travel for CTSI associate directors must be approved by CTSI director or his delegate.

9. Submit original, completed Employee Expense Worksheet and receipts to Lisa Johnson (717 Delaware, room 222).

10. Employee Expense Worksheet will be reviewed for policy compliance by CTSI Finance. Any questions and concerns will be directed to traveler.

11. CTSI Administrative staff will process the reimbursement in the EFS financial system.

Questions? Contact Lisa Johnson, CTSI Senior Financial Officer, 612/624-9159.

Corrected Effort Certification form now available

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As a follow up to the Aug. 19 post concerning CTSA effort certification, please note the updated Effort Certification form is now available. Contact Lisa Johnson with questions.EFFORT CERT INSTR_8.26.11-laj.docx

P&A staff can view appointment details

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Information about your current (and past) Professional and Administrative appointments can be found at UMN's Employee Self-Service by selecting Notice of Appointment in the left column of the Self-Service Actions. CTSI will not provide appointment letters to P&A employees. Please refer to the Notice of Appointment link for questions about your current salary or appointment period, as this is the official UMN notice.

Staff additions and departures

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Michelle Lamere joins CTSI as the new Education, Training, and Research Career Development (EdTRCD) Coordinator working with Dr. Jas Ahluwalia. Michelle holds a Master of Public Administration with distinction from the Humphrey School and a graduate minor in Integrative Therapies and Healing Practices. Michelle has experience with training programs as she handled daily operations for Dr. Mark Herzberg's MinnCResT T-32 training program.

Also, Front Door Coordinator Patti Hatchett accepted a new position as a Clinical Research Associate at a local medical device company. The Front Door will continue to be staffed by our administrative support team and no operational interruptions are expected.

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