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In cooperation with the Center for Bioethics, the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) has established a Clinical Research Ethics Consultation Service (CRECS) for human subjects research. Its purpose is to provide those involved in human subjects research with a structured approach for identifying, analyzing and resolving ethical issues. CRECS maintains a policy of open consultation; it is available to research participants, family members or legal surrogates, investigators and research staff. This confidential service is advisory only, and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Initiating a consultation
To initiate a consultation, investigators and staff should send a request to Debra DeBruin by email ( Include your telephone contact information for a return call. Do NOT include details of the issue of concern. For urgent matters only, call Debra DeBruin at 612-624-9687.

For research participants
Research participants, family members or legal surrogates may contact Laure Campbell 612-624-2621 for help facilitating a consultation. They may also access CRECS directly by calling Debra DeBruin at the above number. 

Research Ethics education and training

The Center for Bioethics will also provide CTSI staff and interested investigators a one-hour program that will provide guidance about identifying and addressing ethical issues in clinical research. Topics will include ethical problems posed by studies involving vulnerable populations, high-risk interventions, and complex protocols. The participants will be encouraged to present issues that concern them for discussion. This program will be offered on two dates in December 2011; stay tuned for more information. Participants will receive RCR and CME credit as appropriate.