New IRB specialist service available

CTSI's Clinical and Translational Research Services (CTRS) is announcing the appointment of an IRB Specialist who will serve as the primary contact in CTRS for providing IRB application and communication advice to clinical and translational research investigators (including community partners), clinical research coordinators, and CTRS colleagues. This service does not supplant the full-service IRB application and communication work available to investigators who request Research Project Management (RPM) services for CTSI project development. Rather, this IRB specialist service will be available to researchers who may benefit solely from advice on completing biomedical IRB applications, writing consent forms, and communicating effectively with the IRB. The IRB Specialist will provide guidance for projects with all types of funding sources.

The IRB Specialist will aid the researcher in determining which University of Minnesota approvals are required to conduct the research study. The IRB Specialist RPM may also provide advice regarding the preparation of applications for approval, responses to stipulations to approval, and other advisory assistance throughout the processes until approvals are obtained.

The IRB Specialist acts as a liaison between the IRB and CTSI. The IRB specialist has an established relationship with the University of Minnesota IRB and can assist in the resolution of problematic applications noted after first IRB review. The IRB specialist RPM will provide consultations with the PI and/or staff to rectify the problems and enable the investigators to submit an application that meets or surpasses the expectations of the IRB.

All IRB Specialist consultations and services are without charge to the PI. Contact Melissa Hansen, Research Navigator, at ctsi@umn.edu or 612-626-2318 to request a consultation with the IRB Specialist.

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