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The Minnesota Children's Health Research Collaborative will host a dinner forum on May 10 on the topic of adolescent health and sexuality. This is the second in a series of Research in Child Health Dinner Forum meetings, which represent a unique collaboration between Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota and the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) at the University of Minnesota.

This collaboration is made possible through a $51 million Clinical and Translational Science Award from the National Institutes of Health, and is designed to encourage pediatric researchers and practitioners from Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota and the University of Minnesota, as well as community-based child-health partners, to work together more closely. This partnership, known as the Minnesota Children's Health Research Collaborative, provides a unique opportunity for us to address significant problems in children's health.

About the Event
Developing research networks to address unmet needs in adolescent health and sexuality
In the second forum in this series, leading experts will outline major research priorities in the area of adolescent health and sexuality. Invited speakers and panel members include: Karen Wills, MD, Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota; Elsa Keeler, MD, HealthPartners, Minnesota; Renee Sieving, PhD, University of Minnesota; and Iris Borowsky, MD, PhD, University of Minnesota. The evening will conclude with a discussion about creating community collaborations in adolescent health research.

Topic: Adolescent health and sexuality
When: Thursday, May 10th, 6:00 -7:25 pm
Where: Nasseff Center Auditorium, 333 N. Smith Ave., St. Paul (just north of United Hospital)
Who: Anyone interested in working collaboratively on important topics in child health
Why: It is an opportunity to hear from your peers and learn about potential opportunities to participate in clinical research.
Registration Information: Click here to register for the event. Your RSVP is kindly requested by Friday, May 4.

If you have questions, please contact Andrea Leinberger-Jabari at lein0072@umn.edu or (612) 624-4247.

The Office of Community Engagement for Health (OCEH) of the Clinical and Translational Science Institute in cooperation with SoLaHmo Partnership for Health and Wellness is hosting a workshop for community-based researchers on research ethics on Saturday, April 21st from 9:30am - 3:00pm. The workshop will be held at La Clinica (153 Cesar Chavez Street St. Paul 55107 in the Community Room). Registration is free, but we do ask you to RSVP by Wed. April 18th. Breakfast and a light lunch will be provided.

***Breaking News: The UMN IRB will accept this training as an alternative to the CITI training program. Attendees will receive a certificate that can be presented to the UMN IRB as evidence of human subjects protections training.***

Research Ethics Workshop for Community Partners
Free of charge, registration required.

"Ethical Protections in Community-Engaged Research" is an in-person, interactive research ethics workshop designed to provide community based researchers with key information about the protections of human participants in health-related research. Community-based research is a new model for conducting health-related scientific research, that is unfortunately not reflected in the human research participants training programs available in the US today. Human research training programs designed for community members are needed.

The purpose of this workshop will be to build the capacity of community research partners to:

- Understand the history and principles behind institutional regulations in place to protect research participants
- Understand basic requirements of the consent process Acquire the skills needed to competently consent research participants in a community-engaged research study
- Discuss the need for sensitivity to situations involving vulnerable and special populations in research and conflicts of interest
- Acquire the skills to develop materials for IRB submission Understand and report various components key to local oversight (i.e. - adverse events, conflicts of interest)

This workshop is primarily designed for members of community-based organizations interested in and/or actively engaged in health-related research, but university-based faculty and staff who conduct community-engaged research are also encouraged to attend. Workshop materials will be presented via lecture and small and large group discussion. Appropriate video and internet resources will also be used to enhance written materials. All participants will be provided with course materials and links to additional resources.

This workshop is made possible through a partnership with:
MICHR- Enabling & Enhancing Clinical & Translational Research
SoLaHmo - A Program of West Side Community Health Services
University of Minnesota Clinical and Translational Science Institute

Questions? Contact Andrea Leinberger-Jabari at lein0072@umn.edu or 612-624-4247.

Join the CTSI staff to learn about the Research Services Pilot Funding Program, designed to increase the competitiveness of UMN investigators for extramural funding to investigate novel questions in the clinical setting.

Q&A Sessions on April 11, 2012
Room 105, 717 Delaware St SE
12-1 pm
4-5 pm

RSVP to lubyx004@umn.edu.

About the Request for Proposals
- Available to faculty members at any University of Minnesota campus.
- Provides support to cover costs of clinical research support services that allow investigators to gather preliminary data for clinical research projects.
- Clinical research support services may include, but are not limited to: Research Project Management, Biostatistical Design and Analysis Center (BDAC), Clinical Research Implementation Services (CRIS) services/support, Informatics Consulting Service (ICS), and Biomedical Ethics Consulting Service. Services not provided by CTSI, such as specialty laboratory services and Fairview Investigational Drug Services, may also be covered by the award.
- Awards will be made for $5,000 to $25,000 of support services. See below for more information about the rolling application process for awards up to $5,000.
- Applications are due May 15, 2012.