November 2012 Archives

As an immigrant himself, Dr. Jose William Castellanos has a particular passion for working with immigrant Latino communities.

"People with professional backgrounds usually leave this area, but I find that I'd prefer to give back," he said, explaining his motivation in the Twin Cities Daily Planet.

The Community Research Institute has worked with Castellanos to further his dedication to the Latino community by providing training, tools, and technical assistance to develop his research. With this partnership, Castellanos works towards lessening the gap between the health status of the U.S. population and the health status of immigrants.

We are proud of Dr. Castellanos' work, read more about it here.

The Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) and the Biomedical Health Informatics (BMHI) team have jointly appointed Sarah Cooley, MD, MS, to a newly created position, Director of Academic Clinical Research Information. Dr. Cooley, Assistant Professor in the Division of Hematology, Oncology and Transplantation, also serves as Director of Medical Informatics and Services for the Masonic Cancer Center.

In this new role Dr. Cooley will work with CTSI, BMHI, the AHC Information Exchange (AHC-IE), AHC Information Systems, and the research community to develop a high quality and efficient informatics platform. Dr. Cooley will ensure that user requirements are central to all solutions developed by this collaborative team, which aims to create a clear user-centric pathway to access informatics and research analytics support alongside traditional research support services such as nursing, regulatory, and biostatistics. She will also participate with Fairview, University of Minnesota Physicians and AHC-IS on an Epic Optimization effort, and will develop metrics to evaluate the quality and value of informatics systems and tools.

Please contact Dr. Cooley directly at or 612.625.8474 with questions.

Congratulations to David Largaespada, Ph.D., professor in the departments of Genetics, Cell Biology and Development and Pediatrics, for being awarded the prestigious American Cancer Society (ACS) Research Professor Award.

Largaespada, who has used the Sleeping Beauty transposon to identify and better understand cancer genes, is only the second University of Minnesota faculty member to receive the award.

Researchers interested in using this technology should contact the CTSI Office of Discovery and Translation. Several CTSI grant mechanisms, which are closed at this time, could be used to support projects using this technology. Please contact Sandra Wells, PhD, Assistant Director of the CTSI Office of Discovery and Translation at to learn more about future funding cycles.