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May 3, 2006

digital art and traditional craft

Instead of writing about a digital artist from the book which I researched last year, Edward Kac, I chose to write about something digital and traditional in the way it is created. And that is cross-stitch!!!! I first was interested in it last year, Spring 2005, where I created 10 digital cross stithces of some serial killers. I then explored some other options including different typography within this very restrictive style. I am very interested by a certain kind of cross stitch created by a woman named Julie Jackson. I first saw one of her cross stitches in the graphic design magazine STEP. If you would like to look at my opinions on this traditional craft and some links check out the extended entry. christie



Designer: Julie Jackson

This website was not a digital artist from the list but closely relates to the kind of digital art I am interested. I have based some work on work by this woman who does funny/subversive cross-stitch. I have made my own version of the “Happy Fucking Holidaysâ€? with making up my own pattern, check out the website to understand this statement.

I find these kitsch items really fun. I guess I am just a campy person and can relate to this idea. I have not seen the book yet but I may try to look at it soon.

I think this is a unique outlook on the world. I couldn’t tell you any person under the age of 50 who has made a subversive cross-stitch but I’m sure if I look hard enough I might find someone.

As a graphic design student, I find these kitsch items to be a sort of anti-design. Sometimes I feel like so much of the stuff produced in the design world looks so much the same that this tactile thing really appeals to me. I also really like how the cross-stitches look as a printed or on screen thing, as well as an actual cross-stitch. Julie creates these cross-stitches from a lesbian feminist pessimistic point of view, which I can appreciate but I wouldn’t necessary hang these cross stitches up on my wall. I think saying something important to my morals/values i.e. ‘one hamburger can contain the meat of over 100 different cows, from 4 different countriesâ€?. I also think it is a great juxtaposition to have this traditional media expressing a very real and engaging idea to a public that may or may not be educated on this thought or found fact.

The second site listed is a modern Islamic cross-stitch website with a gallery. I find it very interesting to have this very old tradition carrying through a culture but to see how we have changed using different colors, what is important in a cross stitch or embroidery and the different things artists choose to show.