November 16, 2004

Complete List of Schoolcraft's Works

Although it has been contested as to who primarily authored Jane Johnston Schoolcraft's works, the following have been accredited to her pen:

Character of Aboriginal Historical Tradition (1827)
Invocation to My Maternal Grandfather on Hearing His Descent from Chippewa Ancestors Misrepresented (1827)
Lines Written Under Severe Pain and Sickness (1827)
Moowis, the Indian Coquette: A Chippewa Legend (1827)
Origin of the Miscodeed or the Maid of Taquimenon (1827)
Otagamiad (1827)
Resignation (1827)
Say Dearest Friend, When Light Your Bark (1827)
Sonnet (1827)
The Origin of the Robin—An Oral Allegory (1827)
To My Ever Beloved and Lamented Son William Henry (1827)
To Sisters on a Walk in the Garden, After a Shower (1827)
Mishosha, or the Magician and His Daughters: A Chippewa Tale or Legend (1827) [n.b., 1839]
Ridge's Poems

The following are anthoogies in which these stories have been published:
The Women's Great Lakes Reader, edited by Victoria Brehm (Holy CowPress, 1998).
Native American Women’s Writing 1800-1924
Poetry 1815-1836

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