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September 28, 2007

Prospects and Speculations

There's a theme on this here DaWGblog and it has something to do with the future - with the prospective and the speculative. Perhaps as veteran grad students we are hyperconcerned with our features and this anxiety seeps out through our ideas. In any event, I've discussed this a bit with Lauren (and Paula) and we propose that the DaWGs meet regularly, to update, workshop, and motivate. I'm thinking every other week (bi-weekly?) and of the times Lauren suggested, Wednesday afternoons are best for me. I know we are all at different stages in the process, but everybody has something they can bring to the table. The point is to get regimented and moving. I know I need this desperately. So what do you say? And is there anybody else we can bring into the fold? Becky - of course, you are far far away, but it would be pretty easy to keep you in the loop by e-proxy and materials can be sent back and forth for workshopping.

Also, this discussion of the word and idea of speculation really interests me. Esp. in terms of seeing sort of forking into the two paths of knowing and guessing, and the increasing collusion of specualtion with capital. As it becomes less empirical and more, what, contemplative, imaginative, uncertain? speculation seems to be about seeing in MINDspace, VIRTUAL space, which is something I'm currently thinking about in terms of the development of psychoanalysis etc. But still about seeing, just seeing the future - like prognostication (which has your 'gnostic' in it Lauren) or clairvoyance, which, pardon my French, seems to indicate 'clear seeing' or something like it. (And why does any sensate connection to the future have to be visual? It's the hegemony of the visual for sure ... though Proust could smell his way back). Also this connection with capitalist "VENTURES," I think both 'speculation' and certainly 'prospecting' are Gold Rush terms ... land where your hoping something is in it. And I'm still thinking of SURVEYING and cartography, owning land with your imperial eyes, etc.

Sorry to have been so delinquent with the blog