ABC News and NBC News Analysis

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Comparing two different news organizations, one can realize all the different multimedia usage and content. This content can range from anything like videos and news reports to articles and blogs.

Upon comparison both organizations appear very similar, both are written with quotes from individuals involved or have a connection with the story being written. They also are written in a very similar fashion, where the most important information is written first.

In my opinion it is difficult to pick out differences between the two. The only real detectible difference would be if you read the same story by the two different sources because the material or story is presented with a slightly different voice and the appearance of the web sites.

The first thing a reader sees on each web site is the biggest story which right now is Hurricane Sandy hitting the East Coast. Then below the headline and picture is photos and more stories. ABC News shows a lot of pictures on the right and latest headlines on the left. While NBC News shows more news then some pictures and videos and blow that sections to pick from for news. the NBC News web site appears more busy than the ABC News web site.

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