Afghan Peace Deal with Taliban become dim

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An outreach from Pakistan and the withdraw of foreign troops holds potential aid to a peace deal with the Taliban, news sources report.

Ambitious American plans for ending the war turned into a modest goal of stage setting. After a majority of Western forces depart, Afghans are set up to work a deal out amongst themselves and Pakistan is ensured to be on board with any settlement. Significant progress is only expected to be made after 2014, the New York Times reports.

Pakistan attempted to reach out publicly and the motion was appreciated key Afghan leader Abdullah Abdullah said. Previous attempts to communicate were not accepted because they were not done publicly. "I see a lot of good in reaching out, in engagement, in dialogue," Abdullah said. The Taliban was rattled by the outreach and warned Pakistani officials that the non-Pashtuns cannot be trusted, Rahimullah Yousufzai said, ABC News reports.

A major role in a peace deal emerging between the Taliban and the Afghan government could be the aid of a third party, Fancesc Vendrell, former representative of the EU and UN in Afghanistan said. Kabul's insistence on being the peace process leader challenges the United States who already assumed the role. The United States is also challenged by the influence of Iran and Pakistan, Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty reports.

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