Analysis: Neighbor arrested after missing woman was found

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In the Los Angeles Times' article, "Oregon woman's body found; neighbor arrested," the author organizes the story in a manner where they address the six main questions before going into depth.

The author answers the most immediate questions first; who, what, where, when, why and how. It is important to answer these questions so that the audience can understand where the story is coming from and get a brief description on what happened. It is like a preview.

As the article continues, there are linking factors such as the correlation between the victim and the murderer. Also, more depth is provided, such as evidence, so that the preview to the story makes more sense and the puzzle pieces, sort to speak, fall together and paint a picture that the audience can interpret.

Information such as the background or specific detail are placed closer to the bottom of the story making it more vivid and easier to envision, there are not a lot of follow up questions to be asked. The very end of the article ends with quotes from the family to add an emotional appeal and get the audience to feel what the family may be going through. It is not essential to the situation itself but it hold the impact the situation had on the family and community.

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Pretty good job this week, Rebecca. Solid sourcing/linking in your examples and your analysis was a creditable effort. Only suggestion would be to write an "opinion graph" high up to say overall what you generally think of the piece rather than launching into a recitation of how it was written.

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