Space shuttle Endeavour on its final stretch

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Tens of thousands of spectators watch as space shuttle Endeavour makes its slow journey down the streets of Los Angeles, news sources report.

After 21 years of service and 25 trips, Endeavour has traveled 123 million miles and circled the Earth nearly 4,700 times to retire at the California Science Center, BBC reports.

In preparation for the arrival of the shuttle, 400 trees along the 12-mile route were removed to accommodate the wingspan. However, accumulated obstacles such as historical trees, light posts, buildings and carrier maintenance still delayed the shuttle, Mercury News reported.

The California Science Center Foundation will plant four trees for every one tree that was removed, NBC reports.

Creative solutions allowed the shuttle to successfully maneuver its way through the streets. A positive energy was obtained through the whole process as spectators observed. Mark Kelly, a former shuttle commander, told BBC that he hoped the shuttle would inspire kids and future generations, BBC reported.

The ceremony marks the homecoming of the shuttle. With Southern California as its birthplace, residents and spectators welcome the shuttle home where it is seen as an inspiration to many, NBC reported.

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