Syrian Government Targets Hospitals

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The Syrian government is targeting and torturing dissidents in hospitals, forcing protesters to seek medical attention and treatment elsewhere, news sources report.

Government officials and medical workers have been seen torturing and ill-treating patients in the government-run hospitals. Any hospital workers "suspected of treating" dissidents face arrest and torture themselves, Amnesty International reports.

A large amount of people finds the risk of not treating major wounds safer than seeking medical attention at hospitals. Many find themselves seeking medical attention at makeshift or private hospitals in an attempt to avoid the potential violence and consequences of visiting a government-run hospital, according to Amnesty International.

Medical equipment for the makeshift hospitals are stored in a warehouse apart from the many hospitals and patients that share it incase of a raid. Makeshift hospitals can receive equipment such as operating tables and heart monitors within 10 minutes, PRI reports.

"There are few doctors who were willing to risk their lives to help injured protesters, because it's so dangerous," Reporter Ramita Navai tells PRI.

Although documentation of the patient abuse exists, government officials repeatedly deny "all allegations of mistreating protesters," PRI reports.

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