Tire explosion sends mechanic to hospital

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A camper tire exploded at an Orono auto shop Friday, injuring two people, news sources report.

Emergency medical services (EMS) were called to the scene at Amstar on Shoreline Drive by mechanic Brady Lobitz, who was inside the station working on a car when the tire exploded. "It was very loud," Lobitz said. "Sounded like a bomb." Lobitz investigated, finding his fellow employee and the camper owner on the ground, CBS Minnesota reported.

The mechanic was attempting to fill the inner tire to a duel tired truck when it blew, he was transported to North Memorial Medical Center with trauma to his head and left arm. The camper owner was treated for minor injuries and released on scene. Further investigation lead investigators to believe more serious injuries would have resulted if the mechanic had been filling the outside tire, NBC News reported.

"We were just filling it, when the tire exploded," Jim Cleary, the camper owner said. "My hand was close to the tire, and blew us both back about four feet." Metal shavings from the tire just missed the mechanics eye and the doctors said he'd regain hearing in a week or so, CBS Minnesota reported.

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