Toddler bitten by raccoon in Austin

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A three-year-old girl was bitten by a raccoon while playing in her backyard in Austin Tuesday, news sources report.

During the past few weeks, raccoons, a normally nocturnal animal, have been making daytime appearances in the Austin area. "I heard her scream," Heather Stahl mother of three-year-old Chloe said. "and I came out and there was a raccoon." There is concern that the raccoons may be carrying a disease such as rabies, CBS Minnesota reports.

The raccoon was latched onto Chloe's arm and her mother kicked it away and her father shot and killed it. Chloe was brought to the Mayo Clinic Health System in Austin to be treated for puncture wounds, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

The raccoon was sent to the University of Minnesota to be tested for the possible reason behind the odd behavior, KTTC reports.

Raccoons around the Austin area have been acting odd and "some of the officers describe their behavior as almost and intoxicated state where they're very unsteady on their feet," Austin Police Chief Brian Krueger said. "The most alarming thing is they're not afraid of people." Seeing a raccoon out and about during the day is usually a sign of disease, ABC 6 News reports.

The tests from the raccoon were received Thursday with good news, Chloe is not at risk for any disease. "We were very lucky," H. Stahl said. "There was no rabies or distemper or anything like that," CBS Minnesota reports.

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