Arson is to blame for animal hospital fire

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Five dogs and a cat were rescued from a fire early Sunday morning after fire official were called to the North Branch Veterinary Hospital, news sources report.

North Branch police ask for the public's help after the state fire marshal confirmed the cause of the fire as arson. Fire official from North Branch, Rush City, Harris and Stacy fought to put out the fire, Kare 11 News reports.

Damage was extensive in the corner of the building close to the area where the overnight dogs were kept. All animals were removed unharmed. A trash can was found on fire across the street from the animal hospital, Sgt. Rick Sapp said. It is also suspected to be caused by arson, the Pioneer Press reports.

An award of up to $2,500 is offered by authorities in exchange for any information leading to an arrest of the arsonist. Anyone with information is urged to call North Branch police at (651) 674-8848 or the arson hotline at (800) 723-2020, Kare 11 reports.

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