Cyclone Nilam claims lives

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Tropical Storm Nilam claimed eight lives and displaced 150,000 people in India and Sri Lanka before weakening Thursday, news sources report.

282 schools were turned into relief centers by state authorities in Chennai, cargo operations at the city's port were placed at a halt, district official B. Sridhar said that about 150,000 people were directed to Nellore shelters, flooding displaced 4,627 people in Sri Lanka, and the island's central region landslide threat caused 56 people to flee, NBC News reports.

Heavy rains cause electric wires to snap resulting in multiple electrocutions and houses collapse resulting in deaths in East Godavari, Prakasam, Nellore, and Kakinada. An elderly woman died due to sudden temperature drops in Nellore. Cattle loss and crop damages were also reported, The Times of India reports.

An oil tanker named the Pratibha Cauvery became stranded after it ran aground near Elliots Beach in Chennai during Cyclone Nilam. The crew abandoned ship, but the strong winds caused the lifeboat carrying the 22 crew members to capsize. Fishermen rescued 16 of the crew members, one member died, and the rest are missing. The coast guard began searching for the remaining crew with five helicopters and three boats, The New York Times reports.

Of the 198 damaged electric poles, 100 have been repaired and power has been restored to numerous people. "A large number of fisherfolk live along E.C.R., and 3,888 people were all evacuated last night," the Kancheepuram district collector, L. Sitherasenan said. "Most of them have now returned to their homes," The New York Times reports.

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